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Vermont Residents Should Consider An Ohio Detox & Addiction Treatment Center

There is a large discrepancy when it comes to the amount of people who need to get detox and addiction treatment in the US, compared to the number of people who actually receive the treatment that is needed. In fact, in 2016, it was found that approximately one in thirteen people, aged twelve-years-old and over, required treatment for substance abuse. Only 18% of those that needed it were able to access it, and those statistics are similar today. 

Those in need of treatment for addiction and detox can go untreated for a whole range of reasons. There could be insurance problems that means that costs won’t be covered, or perhaps don’t seek help because of particular beliefs. They may also live in an area where the treatment that is needed isn’t available, which is why it can be a good idea to look outside of where you live, in order to get the best treatment for you or a loved one. For example, Vermont residents should consider an Ohio detox & addiction treatment center. Within a day’s worth of driving or just a short flight, you could be in Ohio getting the treatment that you need to help you with the rest of your life. 

Findlay Recovery Center

Ohio Detox & Addiction Treatment Center

Findlay Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol treatment center in Findlay, Ohio. The program that we have designed is to provide quality care to all, at a rate that is affordable, and we welcome patients from a variety of areas across the US. With a dedicated team of addiction professionals, who have a plethora of experience in this area, you know you will be getting the best treatment for addiction, whether it is for you or a loved one. Our dedicated team of experts cares about their patients and truly care about their recovery. 

Why Visit Our Ohio Detox & Addiction Treatment Center for Vermont Residents?

It is definitely worth making the trip to see us at the Findlay Center for our dedication to our patients. We don’t make your stay with us any longer or shorter than it needs to be, as it will be suited exactly to your needs. Your treatment plan will be designed with you in mind, and be led by an expert medical professional to ensure a safe and healthy detox. There may be certain medical treatments required, as well as other treatments and therapies, to help you with your initial recovery. At Findlay, we want you to have the best chance to live life and to be free from your addiction. 

Personalized treatment

Addiction is a complex condition and although there are some common side effects, all people can be different. There are a range of addictions and side effects, which is why we know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment for our patients. With us, you can expect a personalized treatment plan that is tailor-made just for you, to treat your personal issues and needs. 

Aftercare planning

Addiction is something that patients will have to face throughout their life, which is why we think about and start planning for your aftercare, as soon as you first enter the building. We want to make sure that you are set for life and have success in your recovery, so you can have peace of mind with us. 

Lifetime recovery community

When you come to Ohio for Findlay Recovery Center, you become part of the Findlay family. As a result, you are part of the family for life. With your peers and our team of professionals, you can call on us day and night if you need to talk, are looking for help or advice, or want to speak to someone who knows exactly what you are going through. 

Get in Contact With us Today!

It can be a big step to reach out for help, but it is a step in the right direction. By getting in contact with us today, by calling or completing our online form, we can gather some information about you and see if Findlay will be a good fit for you. We have a team that are here to help you recover, and this is day or night, seven days a week.

If you are coming from Vermont, then we know that some travel will be required. With a team of caring treatment advisors, we can help you to plan out your travel, as well as help and advise on any other aspects that you need, in order to come to Ohio to enter our drug rehab program.

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