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What Effects Does Drug Abuse Have on Those Closest to You?

For many people, battling drugs and substance abuse is a personal problem that requires an individual solution. That is mainly because the harmful effects have an immediate and direct impact on the person or substance user. As accurate as this may be, the lasting effects of drugs and substance abuse go well beyond just the user and affect the person’s family and loved ones. That said, how do drugs hurt your family? The following sheds more light on the topic. 

The Effects of Parental Substance Abuse on Children

If a parent is struggling with drug addiction, the effects of this disorder mostly play an adverse role in their children’s development. This problem quickly worsens if the person experiencing the disorder is a single parent and the children have no one else to turn to. 

Parents struggling with addiction are mostly too focused on finding ways to continue feeding their habit, distracting them from their parental responsibilities. They end up ignoring their children’s educational needs, health, feeding, etc. As continual drug abuse affects a person’s mental state, most parents become abusive, putting their children in environments that compromise their mental, emotional, and social development. 

The Effects on Parents of Children Who Suffer with Substance and Drug Addiction

When you are in the opposite situation, parents dealing with children who have addiction problems, you face an entirely different set of challenges. First, most parents take on the heavy burden of guilt as they blame themselves for their inability to set their children on the right path. They torment themselves constantly, worrying where they went wrong and what they could’ve done right while worrying about the wellbeing and safety of their children. 

Of course, some parents also have to deal with public ridicule whenever their children find themselves in humiliating situations in public. Most parents also end up spending loads of money trying to find the proper treatment for their children.The Effects Drug Abuse Has on Your Family

Drug Abuse Impact On Siblings

The parents are not the only ones who deal with ridicule, as the siblings are also affected. Siblings of drug addicts usually become the invisible victims, as their parents focus their time, energy, and resources chasing various remedies. The siblings sometimes feel neglected or sidelined with multiple emotions like frustration, confusion, shame, and even resentment towards their parents and the addicted siblings. 

Some siblings look for other channels to let out the turmoil of emotions. And unfortunately, some also end up turning to drugs and alcohol or other social vices. Some also use these means as a way of getting their parents’ attention. 

Drug and Substance Abuse Impact On Spouse Or Partner

It is difficult to live with a partner addicted to drugs, as the marriage or relationship takes a backseat to the desire to satisfy the ever-growing urge. Some of the adverse impacts of drugs on a partner or spouse include an increased risk of domestic abuse, financial problems, stress, depression, to mention a few. In many cases, this situation often ends in a divorce, especially when you refuse to seek professional assistance

Drug addiction is treatable. With the right help, you can begin your journey to abstinence and reverse its damage on your family.  

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