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What are the Benefits to Residential Alcohol Treatment in Cleveland, OH

Residential treatment for alcohol and drugs doesn’t have to be scary. For many individuals, residential treatment is the first and best way for clients to access comprehensive addiction treatment with detoxification and psychotherapy combined.

At Findlay Recovery, our clients work through the steps of addiction treatment with a mixture of unique and traditional therapies that allow an individual to access treatment designed specially to their needs. 

Contact Findlay Recovery today to see how our affordable addiction treatment program can get you started on the path to recovery.

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What is Residential Addiction Treatment?

Residential alcohol treatment is inpatient care for individuals who are choosing sobriety and are ready to change their lives. Residential inpatient treatment includes comprehensive treatment and accommodations.

Comprehensive treatment is one of the most relevant factors in choosing an inpatient alcohol program. When choosing residential treatment, clients can receive treatment that improves their mental, emotional, and physical health. 

Residential addiction treatment is inpatient care. This means that you reside at a facility for a specified time period while undergoing treatment. This can be a benefit for individuals who have an unsafe or drug-filled home environment or who are struggling to maintain sobriety on their own.

What are the Benefits to Residential Alcohol Treatment in Cleveland, OH

There are many benefits to residential alcohol treatment in Cleveland, OH, instead of outpatient treatment programs. Individuals who choose residential alcohol rehab have more specialized and intensive treatment, structured time, and improved accommodations.

One of the most beneficial factors of inpatient alcohol treatment is the specialized and intensive treatment options for clients who live on addiction treatment campuses. Individualized treatments are designed to support clients through addiction treatment based on their specific needs. Additionally, many residential treatment programs are designed to support clients with additional mental health disorders and can support clients through identifying the root cause of their addiction.

Another extremely beneficial factor that often leads individuals to choose residential drug and alcohol treatment over outpatient care is the structured and drug-free environment. For many individuals who are choosing to get clean, living at home in an environment that provides the opportunity for substance abuse or has frequent triggering events can be a challenge. A residential facility is a drug-free environment that structures your time. This structure can help persons build a routine which improves mental health and stability after leaving treatment.

Finally, the accommodations provided in residential treatment are substantially more important than those available and provided by clients participating in outpatient treatment. Individuals have dedicated living spaces, individualized counselors, and nutrition and physical fitness therapists to support clients’ holistic health. 

What are the Signs Someone Needs Residential Alcohol Treatment?

There are many signs someone might need residential alcohol treatment. Individuals diagnosed with a moderate or severe alcohol addiction, individuals with dual diagnosis disorders, and those who have not met with success in traditional outpatient treatment.

Clients who are diagnosed with moderate or severe substance use disorders will benefit most from initial residential alcohol treatment. Based on the nature and severity of the substance use disorder, clients at this stage of addiction are going to have more difficulty with the structure and free time built into an outpatient treatment program. 

Dual-diagnosis is the co-occurrence of multiple mental health disorders at the same time. Residential treatment is most beneficial for this type of client because of the structured support they can receive from mental health experts. The treatments available to them are more extensive than individuals receive in outpatient care. 

The last type of client that will benefit most from residential alcohol treatment are individuals who have experienced a significant relapse or are not meeting with success in an outpatient treatment program. For these clients who are ready to make a change but are struggling with the downtime in between or struggling to remain sober with infrequent outpatient therapies, the environment and structure of a drug-free campus may be best.

Finding Residential Alcohol Treatment in Cleveland, OH

If you are looking for residential treatment in Cleveland, OH, look no further than Findlay Recovery. Our affordable treatment program supports clients through detoxification and residential inpatient care and recommends local follow-up aftercare for clients who have graduated from our program. Through Findlay Recovery, our clients can access comprehensive addiction treatment designed around their mental, physical, and emotional needs. 
Get same-day treatment with Findlay Recovery.

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