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Nashville, Tennessee is known as the capital of country music and culture. However, like other cities across the country, Nashville is grappling with a huge addiction problem.

Addiction to alcohol and drugs places a huge burden on the state, city and even communities. Families are separated and lives are ruined thanks to addiction and tackling it should be a priority for everyone.

If you’re a resident of Nashville, Tennessee looking for a substance abuse addiction treatment center, you have several options to choose from. To get your life back on the right track, you can choose to either attend rehab treatment in Nashville or travel for rehab. Both options have their pros and cons and you should do adequate research before settling on one.

Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Center

Should you choose to travel for rehab, you could consider addiction treatment in Ohio. Here are some of the reasons why Findlay Recovery Center is a great rehab location for Nashville residents:

The location

Our addiction treatment center is located in Ohio. This means you’ll have to travel for rehab treatment, giving you the chance to start afresh somewhere new. Traveling to our rehab facility also allows you to get away from the negative environment that contributed to your addiction and also allows you to concentrate on recovery without distractions.

Tailor-made treatment

At Findlay Recovery Center, we recognize that addiction affects individuals differently. That is why we give our clients a pre-assessment before admitting them into one of our treatment programs. This allows us to match you with the right therapies and treatments based on your individual recovery goals.

A range of treatment options

We also offer a range of addiction treatment programs including detox and residential inpatient. The latter is divided into residential treatment for both drug and alcohol addiction. With residential treatment, clients get to stay at our treatment facility where they receive round-the-clock treatment.

Affordable treatment

We emphasize providing a simple and affordable approach to treatment. That is why we work with most insurance carriers to help our clients cover most of the costs associated with addiction treatment. We also provide different payment options for those who don’t have insurance to make their treatment more affordable.

Aftercare and alumni

Addiction recovery doesn’t end after discharge from rehab. That is why we provide an aftercare program where we link our clients with sober living homes as well as various support groups in the community. We also encourage those who have been discharged to join support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous where they can interact and draw strength and encouragement from others dealing with addiction. If you’re a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, then consider receiving substance abuse addiction treatment from Findlay Recovery Center in Ohio. Contact us today and see how our addiction treatment programs can benefit you.

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