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Live In Treatment Centers With Flexible Work Options

Fighting an addiction while working presents unique challenges. You are constantly worried that your employer will find out about your addiction and you’ll lose your job. On the other hand, you also worry that seeking addiction treatment may also lead to dismissal from work. It becomes tiring jumping from one scenario to the other, so why not decide to change your life for the better?

Several rehab centers offer different solutions for those who wish to continue working while seeking addiction treatment. Here at the Findlay Recovery Center in Ohio, we offer live-in treatment programs with flexible work options.

Receive Treatment While Still Working

The first thing we do when clients arrive at our rehab center in Findlay, Ohio is to give them a pre-assessment. This enables us to work together with you to determine the kind of addiction treatment program that will be best suited for you. It also gives us a chance to craft a personalized treatment plan that will take into account your unique recovery goals.

For clients who want to continue working while in rehab, outpatient programs are preferred. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to continue with their schedules while receiving treatment. However, outpatient programs may not be suitable for everyone.

Those with more severe addiction, along with serious mental health concerns, are better suited to either our drug addiction residential treatment programs or our alcohol addiction residential treatment programs. Both of these require you to live at the rehab facility and receive treatment 24/7. They are also suitable for those who don’t have supportive environments back home that are conducive to recovery.

As you can imagine, staying at a rehab center for any length of time can wreak havoc on your job. You just can’t take off without notifying your employer, and you shouldn’t. As you plan to have a chat with them about attending rehab, keep in mind that your job is protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Flexible Work Options at Rehab

At Findlay Recovery Center, we recognize how important jobs are to our clients. Although sometimes we’d prefer that they concentrate completely on their recovery without distractions from family or work, we realize that this isn’t always possible.

We provide a variety of flexible work options including allowing electronic and internet access for residents. This allows them to work remotely while in recovery. We do have strict internet usage rules that we urge our resident clients to observe for everything to go smoothly. Other work arrangements can be made upon prior consultation with us. Don’t let your job be the reason you don’t seek addiction treatment. Contact the Findlay Recovery Center and let us work together to seek an addiction treatment solution that works for you.

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