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Ohio’s drug use is one of the highest in the U.S. and Cleveland hasn’t been spared the scourge. Heroin and opioids are the most abused substances in the city followed by alcohol. Combined, these substances have wrecked a lot of lives, leaving destruction and despair in their wake. 

Families have watched as their loved ones have fallen into the clutches of addiction and have felt helpless to stop them. The impact of addiction isn’t limited to the individual. It extends to the community, society, and the country at large.

Fortunately, drug and alcohol treatment centers are available in Ohio to assist those who are battling addiction. Rehabs such as Findlay Recovery Center are committed to providing modern and affordable addiction treatment to help those struggling with substance abuse turn their lives around. If you’re in Cleveland and are looking for drug addiction treatment in Ohio for yourself or your loved one, you don’t have to travel outside the state. You can get the treatment and assistance you need locally.

Cleveland Addiction Treatment Services

Cleveland Drug Rehab & Detox Center

If you’re looking for addiction treatment, you should do your research to ensure that the treatment facility you choose can handle your addiction and provide excellent service.

At our Cleveland, OH drug rehab, we use a variety of treatments and therapies to help people escape the clutches of addiction. Our addiction treatment services are designed with the individual in mind so you can be assured of personalized treatment and care. The services we provide include:

  • Evidence-based treatment programs. Around the country, different rehabs claim to cure people of addiction using dubious means. This often ends up being an avenue to swindle people of their cash. We only rely on treatment programs that have been proven to be effective through research resulting in a low relapse rate. You can rest assured that our programs are rooted in science.
  • Detoxification. Before admission into one of our treatment programs, we admit you to our Ohio detox center. Here you’ll be guided through medically assisted detox to cleanse your body of the harmful toxins left by drugs or alcohol. Some of the withdrawal symptoms people experience in detox can be quite serious so we always have our medical team on standby to guide clients through the process.
  • Inpatient addiction program. We offer both drug and alcohol residential treatment programs at our rehab center in Ohio. This means that you’ll spend some time at the facility, taking part in different therapies designed to help you kick your addiction and maintain sobriety. Our residential rehab programs give clients the coping skills they require to rebuild their lives and provide them with a safe environment to practice those skills.
  • Aftercare services. At Findlay Recovery Center, we are committed to your treatment even after you leave the facility. We want you to carry on with abstinence and sobriety on a long-term basis which is why we provide aftercare services. This includes setting up alumni support meetings, giving you access to outpatient treatment, and even linking clients up with community support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. We understand how challenging it can be to adjust back to your life after treatment so our aftercare services are geared toward helping you remain on the recovery path.
  • Individualized treatment plans. People react to addiction differently so we believe there shouldn’t be a blanket addiction treatment plan. Instead, we assess all our clients once they arrive at our rehab facility to figure out what they need physically, mentally, and psychologically. The results of this pre-assessment allow us to come up with personalized treatment plans addressing these unique individual needs. The result is effective treatment programs with low dropout and relapse levels.
  • Nutrition services. In most cases, people struggling with substance abuse neglect their needs. Those with serious addiction become so focused on feeding their addiction that they forget to feed their bodies. This often results in malnutrition. To reverse this, we offer nutrition services where clients get to learn how to prepare healthy, nutritious meals from a chef in comfortable homely surroundings. You’ll get to learn how to select healthy ingredients, prepare them and maximize their nutritive value as part of your recovery.
  • Therapy services. Therapies are the backbone of our treatment plans. We offer clients individual, group, and family therapies. Once admitted to our Ohio rehab facility, you have to attend a set number of therapy sessions. These are conducted by trained therapists who have intimate knowledge of addiction and how it affects individuals. During these sessions, you’ll learn to identify the negative behaviors and thought patterns that contribute to your addiction. Once identified, you’ll learn the skills needed to confront these thoughts and behaviors and replace them with healthy, positive ones.
  • Same-day admissions. We have a simple admissions process designed to make things easy for our clients. Once you arrive at our treatment facility, we will verify your health insurance plan to know your payment options. After this is done we conduct a pre-assessment to identify your needs so that we can recommend the right treatment options for you. This system is meant to help as many people who need substance abuse treatment as possible.
  • Alternative therapies. We not only focus on treating addiction but also on our clients’ health. That is why we provide alternative therapies that help you rebuild your life even as you pursue addiction treatment. This includes yoga and mindfulness living classes to boost your mental health, exercise to strengthen your body, and art, music, and other classes to feed your creativity. Our goal is to have you become a well-rounded individual once you leave our facility.

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

Cleveland Drug Rehab & Detox Center

If you, or a loved one, are seeking drug rehab in Cleveland, look no further than Findlay Recovery Center in Findlay, Ohio. We are committed to getting addiction treatment services to everyone who needs it. All our staff members are professionally trained to deal with addiction so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

So, take the first step in your recovery journey and contact us today. We look forward to helping you find lasting recovery.

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