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The Staggering Statistics of Drug Addiction in Ohio

The United States is facing a drug epidemic like never before. In 2020, the CDC predicts that after the state data is collected, the country will have over 100,000 overdose deaths. And 2021 will host the 1 millionth overdose-related death since the start of the war on drugs.

The problems aren’t coming from other states though. States like Ohio are large contributors to the overdose-related numbers impacting the United States.

If you, or a loved one, are struggling with substance abuse, consider Findlay Recovery Center. Findlay Recovery Center is a full-service alcohol and drug rehabilitation center battling drug addiction in Ohio.

Are There a Lot of People Experiencing Drug Addiction in Ohio?

Drug addiction in Ohio is rampant. Every year, Ohio loses over 4,000 residents to drug overdoses and ranks number 3 in the country for mortality rates per 100,000 people (38.3). 

In a state with 11 million residents, Ohio doctors prescribed enough opioids to have 53.5 of every 100 people on some type of prescription. With a 6% abuse rate, according to the CDC, doctors provided 330,000 people in Ohio the opportunity to abuse drugs. A Presidential report indicated that 7.87% of Ohioans reported misusing drugs in the past month according to survey data.

News outlets in Ohio even commented that in May 2020, over 500 people died of an overdose. That is approximately 16 people a day for the entire month of May.

The Ohio State Patrol dashboard indicates that in 2020, 4,692 drug violations occurred. However, new data for 2021, published on June 14, 2021, indicates that there have already been 6,943 violations in the current year. This is a 73.9% increase from the previous year. Additionally, traffic fatalities in 2021 have met and exceeded the number in 2020. 

The challenges of drug addiction in Ohio extended to the economy as well. According to an Ohio Drug Control Update for the President (Obama, 2009-2017), a tally of Federal Grant Awards to Help Reduce the Availability and Misuse of Drugs in the State of Ohio, states that 551,649,175 dollars were granted in 2012.

How Can Someone Get Help With Drug Addiction in Ohio?

To get help with drug addiction in Ohio, individuals can access resources online at SAMHSA or Find Treatment to access immediate care. But if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, addiction treatment can be offered in several ways.

While it nearly always starts with detoxification, which should be medically monitored, from there you have some options. Following detox, you can attend a residential inpatient program where you can access consistent therapy and have a consistent residency through treatment. Or you could choose to attend outpatient rehab, live at home and travel to attend semi-consistent therapy and treatment. 

Following completion of a residential treatment program or outpatient program, aftercare can include sober living communities and less frequent treatment. 

Findlay Recovery Center accommodates individuals with all substance use disorders through detoxification, residential inpatient care, and supported aftercare.

Reach Out to Findlay Recovery Center

Findlay Recovery Center is an adult full-service rehabilitation center in Findlay, Ohio. We offer a full complement of treatment programs to meet each client’s individual needs. Starting with medically supported detoxification; we also offer affordable inpatient residential care and supported aftercare. 

Our rehabilitation center offers therapeutic treatment to support individuals with alcohol, drug, and substance abuse and dual-diagnosis disorders like abuse, anger, anxiety, bipolar, depression, stress, and trauma. We feel that treating a myriad of mood and personality disorders in addition to addiction actually decreases the likelihood of relapse by addressing the root causes of addiction. 
We here at Findlay Recovery Center, have medically trained clinicians ready to support you with your substance addiction 24/7.

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