Working For A Labor Union, What Kind Of Detox Options Are Available

Labor union workers can face highly stressful situations, which facilitate addictive behaviors. Understandably, if you are a teacher, you appreciate the role you play for your students. As a mentor and a role model, it’s natural to worry about the consequences of unhealthy coping mechanisms. Labor union employees are concerned about admitting their struggles or failing a drug test.  

We strongly recommend discussing your options with your workplace to accommodate your workload and schedule. This is the first step to your recovery. We appreciate that labor union workers may not know what kind of detox treatment is the best option for their situation or how to finance it. Here, our team explains what help you receive when you work for a labor union. 

Labor Unions Workers Can Receive Support

The first cause of worry for employees is how their addiction will affect their job. Labor unions are supportive of rehab and detox centers, and many labor organizations even work closely with specialist centers to help their staff. In other words, if you are worried about losing your job when you follow a detox treatment, you can relax. More often than not, labor unions have various policies in place to support their employees through the process. 

Some labor unions can also recommend treatment centers to their employees and help them join union-associated detox programs. However, suppose your labor union doesn’t have a partner program with a local recovery center. In that case, they can still help you set time aside for your treatment, whether you choose an outpatient or inpatient program. 

Union Coverage and Detox Treatment

Thankfully, labor unions offer healthcare policies that can help their employees through mental health and addiction problems, among other things. You can check your healthcare policy directly with your workplace. Most labor union workers benefit from accessible and comprehensive mental health support. Indeed, joining a union ensures you can receive better healthcare insurance coverage via a principle called “collective bargaining,” in other words, labor unions can unlock higher healthcare perks than most private employers. 

Additionally, the union is also better equipped to face addiction crises through its robust healthcare plans and network of trusted providers. 

What Are My Detox Options?

Depending on your situation, you could find different detox options to help you break free from the addiction. However, before you make your decision, be reassured by the knowledge that the law is on your side. Choosing a detox treatment doesn’t put your job at risk, even if you opt for an inpatient option. 

Outpatient detox programs are best suited for individuals in the early stages of addiction, whether drugs or alcohol. It is a program designed to help you go through the physical and psychological challenges of withdrawal. For union workers, it can be helpful to identify coworkers or friends who can help you through the process. Detox treatments also provide effective medical detoxification services to help your body recover. While you could choose to go cold turkey and detox by yourself, we strongly advise against it. It is a tough process that can be harsh on your mental and physical health. Surrounded by a team of experts, you are more likely to achieve your goal. 

You can also find residential detox treatments, which are inpatient programs. These programs ensure that there is always someone available 24/7 to provide the support and high-level care you need. We recommend inpatient treatments to individuals who have relapsed after an outpatient detox program or who have a higher level of addiction. Programs vary in duration depending on your needs. However, comparatively, outpatient treatments will require a longer commitment to the program. 

Can I Go Back to Work After Treatment?

Understandably, you want to ensure that you are fit to go back to work. Most labor unions will demand to see a return-to-work certification after an inpatient or outpatient program. The certification marks the completion of your treatment. It acts as evidence of your detox success. 

Unions can also enquire about the aftercare services you receive after the completion of your treatment. Aftercare services support individuals who are going back to their lives after detox. When you start your detox journey, you will develop a tailored plan with your detox advisor to prevent relapses in the long term and reclaim your mental and physical health. The plan offers structure once you leave the detox treatment. 

Which Treatment is Right For Me?

Do you experience symptoms of addiction, but you are not sure which detox option can help you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Request a confidential callback to discuss your situation and evaluate your needs. Our caring team is ready to help you find the best solution. 

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