Detox can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. You’re dealing with your body’s reaction to removing toxins while also trying to get to a place where you’re more receptive to other addiction treatment programs.

Without the drugs or alcohol in your system, you can no longer hide from your actions or behavior. You have no choice but to confront them and this process can feel alternately draining, scary and isolating.

That’s where joining a detox support group can help.

Detox Support Groups

We’re used to hearing about addiction support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous and might think there aren’t any other support groups out there. However, you can find a support group for whichever part of the addiction recovery process you’re in – from detox to residential treatment and outpatient treatment.

A detox support group, as the name implies, is geared towards those undergoing detox from either drugs or alcohol. Such groups meet for a few hours a day, once or twice a week. The aim is to support each other through detox, share your experiences and learn from one another.

These groups are free to join and the meetings are free to attend as well. Unlike group therapy meetings, detox support groups aren’t necessarily guided by a trained counselor or psychologist but may be guided by peers or social workers.

Overall, detox support groups provide confidential, non judgemental space where those undergoing detox can share their experiences with addiction, detox and withdrawal, their mental and behavioral struggles as well as their worries about the future.

Going to such group meetings allows you to socialize and learn from others undergoing the same experiences and receive compassion and emotional support without fear of being judged. You can learn a lot about addiction, how to manage withdrawal symptoms, triggers or cravings, and also about medically assisted detox and your peers’ opinions about it.

Interacting with others in the same boat, distracts you from your symptoms and gives you something else to focus on, other than your situation. You can make new and lasting friendships that will go a long way toward reducing feelings of isolation and depression.

Additionally, seeing others in different stages of detox recovery can help you stay motivated and give you the strength to push on, especially when cravings and withdrawal symptoms threaten to overwhelm you.

You Are Not Alone

At the Findlay Recovery Center, we provide affordable drug and alcohol detox services to our patients. All patients undergo an assessment before admission at our recovery facility to help us come up with an individualized detox plan. This also helps us determine who needs medically assisted detox and who doesn’t.

Our detox program in Ohio is geared towards helping clients rid themselves of harmful toxins while preparing them to proceed to a drug addiction treatment program or an alcohol treatment program. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you plan every step of your recovery from detox to aftercare.

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