Dealing with an addiction is hard. It can take many years to decide that now is the time to seek treatment. Deciding to take back control of your life and enter into treatment for addiction is a big deal and marks the start of your journey to recovery. 

For many people, once the decision to seek treatment has been made, the reality of paying for the treatment becomes a worry. But, concerns about how much addiction treatment will cost should not put you off seeking help. Ultimately, entering rehab could save your life, and this is priceless. Reaching out for help is a crucial step. Once you have decided to start your recovery, covering treatment costs is just part of the process. After all, no one ever regrets overcoming an addiction. 

Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Before trying to raise funds to cover the cost of your addiction treatment, it is wise to contact your health insurance provider. Your health insurance may cover the cost of either all of your rehab or at least partially. 

Your insurance company will be able to advise you on what is covered by your insurance. If your policy does not cover the entire cost of your rehab, it may offer copays.


If your insurance provider offers copays, it means that you will not have all of your treatment costs covered. However, you will not need to pay the full amount of your rehab fees yourself. You will pay a smaller fee to access your treatment. The remaining amount is covered by your insurance. Each time you access a treatment service you will be required to pay a fixed fee, which is less than the full cost of the service.

Addiction Treatment at Affordable Rehab Centers

You may be wondering what to expect for copays at affordable rehab centers; and how that will impact the treatment you receive. 

Some rehab centers, like Findlay Recovery Center, Ohio, offer a free, confidential assessment. The assessment will determine your needs, with one less cost for you to worry about. Using an affordable rehab center such as Findlay Recovery Center does not mean that the standard of care and treatment is less. The Center provides an effective residential program for in-patients, as well as a medical detoxification service. These treatments are tailored to achieve the best possible outcomes for every patient, so you can rest assured that your care will be of the highest standard. 

The difference between accessing treatment through copayment at an affordable rehab center and having your insurance fully cover treatment at a luxury treatment center is often simply down to the amenities that are available, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. Each individual receives the highest standard of care and support at Findlay Recovery Center as they make their journey to recovery.

If you are ready to take that crucial first step toward your recovery, then call Findlay Recovery Center today to speak to our caring and supportive staff.

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