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The Difference Between Detox And Drug Treatment?

Deciding to go to rehab is commendable. After deciding to get help to overcome your addiction, the next step should be to choose the appropriate addiction treatment program to attend. Most of these programs require you to undergo a combination of detox and rehab as part of the treatment process. But just what is detox and what is the Difference Between Drug Detox And Treatment? Do you need both or can you get by with only one?

Difference Between Detox And Drug Treatment

These two terms refer to different stages of the addiction treatment process. In most cases, you have to start your recovery journey by going into detox. This simply means the cessation of drug or alcohol use and allowing your body to get rid of the chemicals and toxins these substances left behind. Once you stop taking either drugs or alcohol, your body goes into withdrawal where you’ll experience some uncomfortable symptoms. That’s why it’s recommended to detox under medical supervision.

While detox helps you get clean, rehab treatment is aimed at helping you remain sober. During addiction treatment, you attend specific treatment programs based on your addiction history and your recovery goals. These programs are either on an inpatient/residential or outpatient basis. Through a variety of therapies and behavior change programs, you’ll learn how to build a new, better lifestyle with newer, healthier habits that encourage sobriety.

From the definitions above, it’s clear that detox is mostly physical while treatment goes deeper into your emotional, psychological, mental, and social wellbeing. While detox helps clear the mind and body to get it ready for further rehab treatment, the actual treatment focuses on finding out the root causes of your addiction, helping you understand them, and rebuilding your life without drugs or alcohol.

Why Detox is Important

Detox is a crucial initial step for addiction treatment as it helps you regain control of your brain and body. It clears both, leaving you more receptive to changing your addiction habits. Without first detoxing, it would be difficult to concentrate on making the changes needed to beat addiction. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms would simply get in the way.

For best outcomes, detox should be done under medical supervision. Some of the symptoms experienced through detox can be serious and life-threatening including tremors, seizures, high or low blood pressure, irregular pulse, and breathing difficulties. Having a team of medical personnel nearby gives you peace of mind that should your symptoms become overwhelming, help is available.

Your doctor may prescribe certain medications to help ease your cravings and withdrawal symptoms until detox is complete. Detox takes anywhere from 3-10 days depending on the drug taken, the duration it was taken for as well as your body’s physiology.

Why Rehab Treatment is Important

Addiction treatment helps uncover the underlying reasons why you started using drugs or drinking in the first place. Just like detoxing, this is a challenging process but for different reasons. While your body may be recovering from the impact of addiction, you also need to recover emotionally and mentally. Depending on the type of addiction treatment program you choose, you may have to attend counseling therapy (individual, group and family) while participating in behavioral change programs such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Treatment is important for the following reasons:

  • You get to learn coping skills that teach you how to deal with various situations without relying on alcohol or drugs.
  • Through therapy, you can examine what led you into addiction and, under the guidance of a therapist, start resolving those issues.
  • Through CBT, you identify negative thought patterns and behaviors that drove you to addiction and work to replace them with healthier ones.
  • You learn to identify and deal with your triggers and stressors in healthy ways to prevent relapse.
  • Through group therapy and other organized activities, you’ll learn to interact with peers who are going through similar situations as you. This allows you to exchange ideas and get valuable feedback and advice from people who understand you.
  • Participation in family therapy allows you and those closest to you to reconnect, forgive and rebuild relationships that were devastated by your addiction.

Why You Need Both Detox and Treatment

The most successful addiction treatment programs combine both therapy and detox. You need detox to get in the right frame of mind for therapy and you need the treatment to get your life back in order. Detox and treatment not only complement each other but are also vital in helping patients complete the rehab process and to minimize the relapse rates afterward.

On its own, detox will simply clear the body of harmful toxins but won’t arm you with the knowledge you need to remain sober. Treatment, on the other hand, may equip you with the skills you need for sobriety but you won’t be able to work your way through recovery if you’re still dealing with cravings and withdrawal.

So ideally, you first need to detox before proceeding to an addiction treatment program almost immediately afterward. This minimizes the chances of you relapsing and ensures you can concentrate on treatment and taking the necessary steps to rebuild your life.

Get The Help You Need

You don’t have to wait until addiction brings your life to a halt before getting help. We at the Findlay Recovery Center in Ohio are ready to give you the assistance you need to overcome addiction. We provide comprehensive care that seeks to address all components of our clients’ lives, leading to better treatment outcomes.

We offer a range of addiction treatment programs geared towards those dealing with substance abuse. These include a detox program, a residential program for alcohol or drug abuse as well as an aftercare program. As part of the treatment, all our clients will receive an individualized treatment plan designed to meet their unique recovery needs. If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, all you have to do is get in touch with us today. Our team of addiction specialists is ready to help you find a treatment option that will work for you.

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