Even after making significant strides in previous years, most people have not fully understood the concept of moral injury and how it impacts women’s core beliefs. Although many people tend to associate a moral injury with combat experiences (especially with war veterans), it also affects a wider number of people with traumatic experiences at home. A traumatic experience can also force a person to let go of a set of beliefs and values. This article will take a close look at moral injury and how it impacts a woman’s core beliefs. 

What Is A Moral Injury?

A moral injury is a psychological behavior resulting from the stress caused by being exposed to a psychologically traumatizing event. A moral injury affects every aspect of an individual’s makeup after exposure; these include the social, behavioral, and spiritual health of the person exposed to the event. Concerning core values or beliefs, a person’s response to witnessing or taking part in traumatic activities that go against a person’s moral beliefs can cause a state of moral injury.

The Impact Of Moral Injury On Women’s Belief Systems

A woman’s moral composition includes her sets of belief systems, values, ideals, etc. When given reasons to abandon these belief systems, she begins to question those beliefs and engage in activities contrary to her moral values. Moral injury can seriously harm a woman’s core beliefs in several ways. Here are some of them.

Moral Dilemma

A moral injury can lead to a moral dilemma, as the condition forces a conflicting set of values on a person. That usually happens in the early stages of the addiction, as a person’s personal sense of values and beliefs begin to leave them in a moral dilemma. 


In some cases, a moral injury is a consequence of drug addiction and substance abuse. However, it can also be the cause in most instances. When addiction sets in, a person finds it easier to ignore or even reject core beliefs or values they once held dearly. In most cases, they do this to continue feeding their addiction. Furthermore, when a woman is at the receiving end of a traumatic event, she tries to find freedom and some sense of comfort in the temporary exhilaration that alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse offer. And all these can cause her to violate her belief system while plunging deeper into the addiction and self-ruin.

Low Self-Esteem

Another significant impact is that a woman begins to lose her self-esteem when the effects of drugs and alcohol wear off. She also begins to believe that there is no help available to restore her to her original self. But seeking help from the right experts can offer the needed restoration.

The Hope Of Treatment

Thanks to further knowledge about moral injury and the following impact, experts and treatment centers are now better equipped to offer comprehensive and affordable treatment options. Treatment no longer focuses only on the addiction but also considers the person’s history. That means providing physical, mental, emotional, moral, and social restoration. 

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