What Is a 24-Hour Rehab?

24-hour rehabilitation can be necessary and beneficial to a number of people who are struggling with substance use disorders. In residential facilities, clients can access around-the-clock care and support from expert individuals. 

Findlay Recovery Center’s addiction treatment program is designed to support all individuals through rehabilitation. Our affordable treatment center located in Findlay, Ohio, has been designed with our client’s needs in mind. Contact us today to see how our brand-new facility can support your recovery journey.

What Is a 24-hour rehab?

A 24-hour rehab offers around-the-clock care to individuals with substance use and other mental health disorders. 

Through this type of care, individuals can access structured medical support from professionals as their needs arise. When a person is in crisis, there are trained counselors, therapists, doctors, and/or nurses available to support them. 

In this type of rehab, individuals can attend individual counseling, group therapy, and even family therapy sessions with a dedicated counselor/therapist. During downtime, individuals have access to a number of amenities. Most treatment centers offer spaces to work out, for recreation, and for relaxation.

Who Should Go to 24-Hour Rehab?

What Is a 24-Hour Rehab?

Around-the-clock treatment is beneficial for several types of people. Individuals who are attempting to detox from drugs or alcohol, individuals who have just completed detoxification, persons who have relapsed and need to restart their recovery journey, and individuals who are struggling with dual-diagnosis disorders would all benefit from attending 24-hour rehab.

The first group of people that would benefit from 24-hour treatment are individuals who are attempting to detox from alcohol and drugs. It is highly recommended that all individuals who are attempting to detox from substances should be medically monitored throughout the process. This is possible with around-the-clock care. Individuals should be medically monitored because of possibly extreme withdrawal symptoms and cravings. In 24-hour care, individuals do not have access to substances unless they are medically prescribed.

Following detoxification, for individuals with severe substance use disorders, it is also recommended that they participate in 24-hour rehabilitative treatment. These individuals need the continued structure and support that was initiated with detoxification to continue to support them through their recovery journey. At a residential facility, clients have access to a safe environment, a nutritious diet, and the opportunity to build a community of sober individuals who can support them on their journey of recovery.

24-hour rehab is also recommended for individuals who may have relapsed and found themselves in an unsafe situation. Individuals who have attempted multiple outpatient rehabs without success may find more success in a medically monitored treatment facility specifically designed for rehabilitation. While it may feel like starting over, individuals who thrive under the structure of addiction treatment can learn to utilize the coping and self-management skills previously learned in a safe space.

Lastly, persons diagnosed with multiple mental health disorders should attend 24-hour monitored rehab to start. Through around-the-clock care, individuals struggling with a dual diagnosis can be supported with both their substance use disorder and their other mental health disorder. This can include anxiety, mood, and personality disorders as well as trauma. 

24-hour rehabilitation is recommended for a number of individuals. To see if it is recommended for you, contact Findlay Recovery Center. 

Can Findlay Recovery Center Help Me 24-Hours a Day?

Yes! Get help now at Findlay Recovery Center. Our detoxification and residential treatment facility offers 24-hour care at an affordable rate. 

Our clients have access to tailored treatment programs, which focus on their needs through the use of evidence-based practices and thoroughly therapeutic treatment.  At Findlay Recovery Center, we treat our clients with care and compassion. With 100 years of combined experience, our professionals can support you through alcohol, drug, and dual diagnosis treatment. 

Get help now at Findlay Recovery Center!

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