How do Rehab Centers Help Individuals Kick Addiction?

When someone is suffering from drug addiction, the obvious first step towards assisting them is finding a drug rehab center so they can get the help and assistance they need. However, you may be wondering what actually happens at rehab. What sort of help is available to get the person in question off drugs? 

Ways Rehab Centers Help Individuals Kick Addiction

Detox – The first part of the process is detox. After you have been assessed, you will go through the detox process. This involves the drugs being removed from your body after prolonged abuse. This can be a very difficult and challenging process for a lot of people, but it is a vital part of the process to ensure your body is cleansed of these substances so that you are ready both mentally and physically for the work that lies ahead while in rehab.

Therapy – Rehabs will also concentrate on therapy sessions while you are trying to recover from your addiction. There are different types of therapy that can be used, depending on your situation. Individual therapy is the most popular, as you will work on your mental state and why you reverted to drugs in the first place. What are your triggers? Knowing what your triggers are will help you to avoid them. Family counseling is another option, although it may not be suitable for everyone. However, if you have a close family who has been impacted by your addiction, this is something you may definitely want to consider.

Medication-assisted treatment – Medications may be used to help ease you from your addiction. Medications can be used to help relieve the physical and emotional distress that is caused by drug abuse. Methadone is one type of medication that is often used in rehab if the person has a moderate to severe opiate addiction. This can be helpful in suppressing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Of course, rehab centers are going to use medications very carefully because they do not want the person to get addicted to something else instead. This is why professional rehab assistance is a must.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy – Also known as CBT, cognitive-behavioral therapy is a technique that is often used at rehab as well. This is a type of talking therapy that can help you to manage your drug addiction by changing the way that you behave and think. This treatment is based on the concept that your actions, physical sensations, feelings, and thoughts are connected, and that you are trapped in a vicious cycle due to your feelings and thoughts. CBT is all about breaking out of this and learning how to deal with overwhelming issues in a more positive and effective manner. 

So there you have it: an insight into some of the different approaches that are used at rehab to ensure you get the help you need if you are suffering from addiction or you know someone who is. It is vitally important to make sure that you choose a rehab center that offers specific treatment options that are catered to your specific needs.

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