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Unique Concerns Addressed In Men’s Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Despite being classified as a mental illness, addiction is still seriously stigmatized by many people. Men are significantly less likely to get support for mental health issues than women, and are more than half as likely to die from suicide. Men also have a higher likelihood of becoming addicts. If you are a man and struggling with addiction and substance abuse, then it’s always worth seeking support

Men’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ohio

Unique Concerns Addressed In Men’s Drug And Alcohol Treatment

The Findlay Recovery Center believes in a unique approach to our care and treatment programs. Addiction might not discriminate and can affect anyone, from all walks of life, but here we like to tailor our treatment to the individual. We offer:

  • Alcohol addiction services
  • Drug addiction services

Here, no one will try to tell you that choosing to quit alcohol is an easy thing to do. Studies have shown that men are more likely to succumb to peer pressure and, as alcohol is not an illicit substance and likely to be found at most celebratory events, it is one of the most challenging substances to quit. 

The detoxing process Isn’t easy, but our recovery center will ensure that you never feel alone whilst undergoing this process. Most addicts choosing to quit opt for our Alcohol Addiction Residential Treatment Center in Ohio which has 24/7 care and offers a fantastic chance of successful complete withdrawal. 

Concerns Addressed In Men’s Addiction Treatment

Detox is no joke, and it can be a deeply unpleasant process, depending on the individual. But, with the support of a residential treatment program and our trained and qualified staff, you will have a good chance of recovery. You will also be surrounded by those who are going through the same thing, and here we don’t underestimate the value of peer support. This is why our full clinical program includes psychotherapy: individual, group, and family therapies. Having the support of those who have gone through similar experiences, and hearing their stories, as well as being able to share our own in a safe and supportive environment is a hugely beneficial part of the recovery process. 

The good news in terms of both alcohol and drug addiction is that men are statistically less likely than women to relapse. Our detox centers and programs offer the first steps towards your new life. You will work closely with our team to create a step-by-step program tailored specifically to suit your individual needs. Your detox program and recovery will be medically supervised. Your plan will be designed specifically to meet your needs and rehabilitative goals. 

Life Changing Addiction Treatment for Men

Unique Concerns Addressed In Men’s Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Alongside the medical support, we will also provide you with life-skills training and therapy, which is designed to replace the negative thought patterns that lead to addiction and substance abuse with positive ones so you can have the best chance of a successful recovery. 

Your return to your daily return and the stresses and obligations of daily life can be one of the most dangerous times for a recovering addict. We appreciate that at the Findlay Recovery Center, and therefore will offer you ongoing support for a time, even once you have left us.

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