Does UMR Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

UMR Insurance is designed to support you when dealing with your insurance policy. As a third-party administrator, UMR Insurance is paid for by your insurer to ensure that you have access to the health care you need. 

At Findlay Recovery, we work with UMR to verify your insurance policy and ensure your treatment is funded and meets your specific healthcare needs. In addition, through various treatment programs, we work with individuals to provide the care and support they need to recover from substance abuse and achieve sobriety.

Contact Findlay Recovery today. We can verify your insurance with UMR and get you on the path to recovery.

What are the Signs Someone Needs Addiction Treatment?

There are many signs that your loved one may need addiction treatment. These signs may vary based on the drug, length of use, and how they take the drug, but there are some standard signs of addiction to look out for. 

Does UMR Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Some common behaviors of addiction and substance use disorder include:

  1. Being unable to cut down or stop drug use, despite wanting to.
  2. Using drugs to deal with difficult emotions.
  3. Taking one drug to recover from the effects of another.
  4. Failing to meet obligations at school or work as a result of drug use.
  5. Problems in relationships due to drug use.
  6. Being scared at the thought of running out of drugs.
  7. Stealing drugs or money to pay for drugs.
  8. Having financial, criminal, or health issues due to drug use.
  9. Requiring higher doses of a drug, or taking a drug more often, to achieve the same effects.
  10. Taking too much of a drug, leading to an overdose.

These are the same standards that groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous based their attendance and questioning. 

Additionally, answering these questions for yourself or your loved one can help you determine if you feel like you or they are struggling with a substance abuse problem. These questions are similar to the questions a therapist or counselor will ask. 

To diagnose someone with a substance use disorder, medical professionals will attempt to determine if you have experienced any of those symptoms in the last year while using a substance. Additionally, they will check to see if you have experienced withdrawal symptoms or cravings when not using. The existence of any of these signs can indicate a substance use disorder. More severe substance use disorders are associated with more signs.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Federal law dictates that rehab is covered in some form by your insurance policy. However, the extent of your coverage can vary significantly based on the type of insurance, the amount of coverage you have, and which companies accept your policy as in-network vs. out-of-network. 

At a minimum, insurance policies often cover some form of outpatient therapy through an in-network treatment facility. Sometimes this is precisely what an individual needs; however, there are times that clients need more support than outpatient treatment can offer. In times like these, it’s essential to know if you have a more severe substance use disorder, what supports are available through your insurance to access that level of rehabilitative care.

Does UMR Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Does UMR Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

UMR works with your insurance provider, who covers many types of addiction treatment depending on your insurance policy. Through the UMR medical services website, you can search to find an in-network rehab and find the specific coverage you are qualified for under your policy. 

However, suppose you are struggling to find something that you think will work for you by contacting UMR medical services with your policy information and needs assessment. In that case, they can provide you with a list of available and approved UMR in-network rehabs. 

The last available option is to see if the rehab you are looking for is covered directly as a UMR in-network rehab center. To do this, you can contact the rehab center directly. Most rehabilitation centers will verify your insurance, and through that, they can give you an accurate account of the fees your UMR insurance policy doesn’t cover. 

How to Find Addiction Treatment Covered by Insurance

When searching for addiction treatment covered through UMR insurance, it’s crucial to not only look at what your policy covers but what the in-network treatment facilities can offer you. 

Findlay Recovery is a new facility that accepts most health insurance and works with UMR to verify your coverage to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information about your addiction treatment. 

Findlay Recovery offers both detoxification programs and inpatient residential treatment for individuals with moderate to severe substance use disorders or those with a substance use disorder and a comorbid mental health disorder that requires additional treatment. Our staff is trained to deal with illicit substances, prescription drugs, and alcohol. 

Individuals looking to change their lifestyle and need rehabilitative support should seek help through Findlay Recovery. Our inpatient addiction treatment programming in Ohio offers a supportive, structured, and traditional approach to addiction treatment.

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