The Phases Of A Successful Detox & Rehab Program


Addiction is something you should respect. Sadly, too many people who experience addictions don’t spot the signs until it’s too late.

Let’s outline the biggest signals you might want to seek drug and alcohol counseling.

You Have Been Arrested For Drug & Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol intoxicate the brain, making it harder to make informed decisions. If you’re facing legal charges and still can’t stop, you definitely have a problem and should consider a program.

You Get Fired

An employer will be the first person to notice erratic behavior. And, they’ll fire you very quickly if you can’t function in a professional capacity.

You Have Health Problems Because of Drug Use

Substances such as drugs and alcohol are very powerful, and they have an adverse effect on your brain and vital organs. 

Your Loved Ones Ask You to Stop

This is the biggest warning sign. Your loved ones not only want the best for you, but they know you better than anyone else in the world.

Drug Use Has Become Your Main Priority

If the substance consumes your thoughts throughout the day and you spend increasing amounts of time, effort, and resources using the drug, you may be addicted.

You Take Excessive Amounts To Get High

Over time the body begins to adapt and builds tolerance. As tolerance grows, the body needs the drug more frequently or in higher amounts to produce the same outcomes.

You Have Tried (Unsuccessfully) To Quit On Your Own

Addiction is a chronic condition that is marked by periods of relapse and recovery. Whenever use is restarted or ongoing, a recommitment to abstinence in new ways will be needed to return to recovery.

While every person’s experience of drug use or addiction is unique, these common signs should motivate you to take action and get professional support and the help you need to fight your addiction and lead a life free of drugs and alcohol.

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