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Affordable Drug Rehab While On Government Aid

For many people struggling with addiction, one of the issues that stop them from seeking the professional help and intervention they need is the costs associated with that help. However, there are paths out there to affordable detox options, even for people who have a low income, no income, or who are on government assistance.

Addiction support and treatment should never be closed off to people based on affordability. We’re going to talk today about some of the affordable detox options out there for people who would otherwise struggle to pay for the help they need. Read on now to find out more.

Types of Addiction Treatments and Costs

There are many different approaches that can be taken when it comes to addiction treatments and recovery support. Detoxes are one of the best as they offer a safe environment in which to quit, while being supported by medical professionals who are on hand to assist at all times. Other treatment options include inpatient rehab that lasts for a certain number of days or outpatient rehab.

The costs associated with these treatments differ. Generally speaking, detox treatments are more affordable than inpatient rehab options. But some inpatient detox treatments can be costly too. It all depends on the provider and the kind of service they’re offering. Medication treatments can also be very expensive – taking methadone for a year, for example, can cost up to $5,000.

Nonprofit and State-Funded Rehabs

If you’re struggling financially or you’re already using government assistance, you might want to explore the charity and nonprofit options that are out there. These are ideal for people who really don’t have any spare money at all to spend on detox or treatments. They work hard to provide care to the most vulnerable people struggling with addiction problems.

The Salvation Army is one example of a charity that finances detox treatments for addicts looking to deal with their addictions and overcome them. There are also some rehab and detox centers that receive funding from the state to treat the most vulnerable people as well. It’s definitely worth exploring these options and seeing if you’re eligible.

Affordable Detox Centers

There are also some detox centers that are simply more affordable than others. So it really does pay off to compare the options and don’t assume you can’t afford treatment simply based on the first option you consider. No one should pay more than they can afford to, but there are options out there for most budgets if you’re willing to search for them.

The Findlay Recovery Center is one such example of a rehab facility that offers treatments to patients at an affordable price. There are lots of these options in different locations around the country. Affordable detox care and other treatment options help to increase the likelihood of a person breaking their cycle of addiction and overcoming their struggles.

Find a Center Where Most Major Health Insurance Will Help Pay For Treatment

Another thing to consider is insurance. If you have a health insurance policy, whether it’s a personal one or through your employer, you might find that your addiction treatments are covered by the policy provider. Of course, different recovery centers and facilities will have different arrangements regarding health insurance companies. 

But you should always take the time to see if you can find a recovery center that allows treatments to be paid for by most major health insurance providers. If you can avoid paying for your treatment yourself and instead get your insurance provider to pay for it, you’ll make the whole process a lot more affordable, which is never a bad thing.

Get in Touch with Findlay Recovery Center Today

If you’re interested in finding out more about seeking affordable detox treatments and addiction recovery support, you should get in touch with us today at the Findlay Recovery Center. Our team is always happy to discuss the options with you.

Either way, be sure to seek the detox option that you feel will be best for you and that offers you the level of affordability that you require. There’s no reason why you should suffer alone when affordable help is out there, even for those on government assistance.

Detox and addiction recovery should never be only available to those that can afford it. So don’t feel as if you can’t get the help and support you need just because you’re on government assistance or because you don’t have lots of money available to spend. Hopefully, this guide has helped you realize that.

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