The Effects Of Alcoholism On Relationships

Anyone who has ever had any experience with alcoholism – whether first-hand or indirectly – will know just how incredibly damaging it can be. There are practically no areas of life that will remain untouched by alcoholism once it has touched a life, and that will certainly include a person’s most important relationships. In fact, there are countless ways in which alcoholism affects relationships, and this is something that can be hard for an alcoholic to accept.

In this article, we are going to take you through some of the effects of alcoholism on relationships. This is not to make anyone feel bad, but rather to show just how socially damaging the drug really is – and to offer hope that there is such a thing as recovery in your future.

Neglect in relationships 

One of the most common results of alcoholism on a relationship might also be one of its most subtle: it can lead to an essential kind of neglect within the relationship, which can in turn have many poisonous effects later on in time. This neglect can take many forms. It might be the neglect of shared duties, so that one party always feels as though they are the one taking the weight of the relationship. 

That alone can be a relationship killer if you are not careful. Or it could even be self-neglect, which can likewise put a strain on a marriage or a partnership. Then of course, there is the potential neglect of children, which is another issue altogether.

The Hangover

We all know how horrible a hangover can be, and for an alcoholic this is a daily event. But as well as being a source of pain for the individual with the headache, it can also disrupt things in their interpersonal relationships. 

If you have a hangover every day and you are essentially losing hours each morning recovering from yesterday’s drinking, that is clearly a problem, and again it probably means that your partner is having to carry the weight. You are much less likely to be on top of your duties at home if you are nursing a hangover every morning. Again this can have a long-lasting and subtle effect on the nature and experience of the relationship.

Financial Trouble

Alcoholism is expensive. Even if you are trying your hardest to buy the cheapest alcohol you can find, you are still probably spending a lot more than you strictly need to on the drink, and this is of course something that can have a profound effect too. There is no relationship in the world where money does not come into things, so it’s clearly going to have some kind of an effect here too.

Financial trouble is the kind of thing that can often put a damaging strain on a relationship, so this is yet another way in which alcoholism can cause interpersonal relationships to become tense and, in some cases, to fall apart.

Inability To Stop

In its own way, the addiction itself – that is, the apparent inability to stop – is the kind of thing that can radically affect that person’s relationships too. After all, if your loved ones are seeing you like this, unable to control yourself, it can lead to all sorts of negative feelings around you. 

That might not feel fair, but it is just one of those things that such an addiction can do. The truth, however, is that you can stop and it is always possible to get better with the right help. So that is an important thing to bear in mind if you ever feel as though all is lost. In truth, all is never lost.

Infidelity, Jealousy & Other Issues

There are also a range of other issues which can affect people who are married or in long-term relationships when they are drinking a lot. Some alcoholics have issues around jealousy, and might even become violent or controlling. Others, or the same people, might also go through periods of infidelity, where they are cheating on their partners while drunk. 

This rarely remains a secret for long, and when it comes up it can have hugely negative effects on the relationship as a whole. So in such a case, it could be a good idea to start looking for some help.
If you think that you might need some assistance with your alcohol use, consider contacting the Findlay Recovery Center today to discuss your situation, and to start your journey to recovery.

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