The Benefits of a Coed Rehab

If you are considering rehabilitation for a substance use disorder, chances are you’ve looked at all the information and have attempted to narrow down what your options really are. You’ve looked at the location, the types of therapy available, and what amenities you have available to you.

But have you considered single-sex vs coed rehab? Let’s take a deeper look at what coed rehab is and what its benefits are to help you make the best choice for your personal rehabilitation.

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What Is Coed Rehab?

Coed rehab is simply rehabilitation that occurs when members of both sexes are present in the same facility.  While typically housed separately, both sexes interact in common spaces and during group therapy situations. Medical professionals and clinicians of both sexes are available to support individuals and offer more variance for those who function better in situations with specific sexes. 

What Are the Benefits of Coed Rehab?

There are many benefits to attending a coed rehab like the Findlay Recovery Center

In a coed rehab, individuals have the opportunity to interact with those of the opposite sex. While this can occasionally cause problems for some people, it puts individuals in a very life-like situation where they interact daily with both sexes. 

In coed rehab, there are mixed group therapy sessions and single-sex therapy sessions that allow for individual expression among similar individuals and the opportunity to receive feedback from both genders. Through this process, clients are able to develop a more well-rounded set of coping and self-management skills in a realistic setting. In a coed rehab setting individuals are able to improve their social skills as well. 

Coed rehab often tends to be more open and accepting of individuals of all genders and identifications. At the Findlay Recovery Center, we are happy to support individuals and adhere to preferred pronouns. Coed rehab offers same-sex spaces as well as opportunities for the inclusion of both. 

While there are no scientifically proven reasons that coed rehab is better than single-sex rehab, there are many social and emotional well-being benefits to interacting with both sexes during rehabilitation. Through this coed rehab process, individuals are able to gain more diverse perspectives. 

Coed rehab should be a factor when considering different styles and treatments available in substance use rehabilitation.

The Findlay Recovery Center Difference

Our state-of-the-art coed treatment center in Kentucky, the Findlay Recovery Center, offers clients the unique opportunity to access a full-service treatment center at an affordable price. 

We offer medically supported detoxification, residential inpatient care, intensive outpatient and outpatient care, aftercare, and family care. By offering a variety of treatment programs, we ensure the well-being and holistic healing of all our clients.

Choosing us as your coed alcohol and drug addiction treatment center avails you of our comprehensive and specially individualized rehabilitation programs. We combine the traditional with the alternative to create a comfortable and modern environment for holistic healing. We treat clients struggling with substance use disorders and dual diagnosis focusing on anxiety, depression, bipolar, mood and personality disorders, and trauma. By treating the root cause of addiction, we support our clients in the improvement of their mental wellness.

At the Findlay Recovery Center, we are a coed facility offering same-sex housing. Our coed rehab offers a spa, workout center, and multiple common spaces for individuals to interact and recover. Semi-private lodging and chef-created meals give a luxurious feel to this affordable rehabilitation center. 

At Findlay Recovery Center, our goal is your continued success. We hope to provide you with all the necessary tools to live a successfully sober lifestyle. 

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