Addiction can be challenging at the best of times but when it comes to it existing in your own home environment, it can impact all those under your roof. Whether you’re battling an addiction yourself or you’re helping a loved one through theirs, it’s important to know to tackle it in your own domain.

There are many forms of addiction, with the most notable being drugs and alcohol. No one is immune to addiction as it can take form from traumatic life events to simply having an addictive personality and hanging around the wrong influences.

Tackling the problem at home is one way of helping take control. Addiction is a complicated problem that may require a mix of therapy, which may include spending time at an addiction treatment center.

How common is addiction?

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, more than half of people aged 12 and over have used illicit drugs at least once. Both drugs and alcohol, two main contributors to addiction, are widely available.

Unfortunately, individuals can fall into an addiction where drugs, alcohol, or both become the crutch. They can be an escape for those who are trying to escape reality or relief for those in pain both physically and/or mentally.

Sadly, the NCDAS found that 140,557 Americans die from the effects of alcohol in an average year.

Three important steps to solving addiction at home

At Findlay Recovery Center, you can get further help outside of the home. From drug rehab to alcohol rehab, getting professional help can better your chances of kicking the addiction for good. Here are three important steps you can take to solve addiction in your own home.

3 Steps To Solving Addiction In Your Own Home

Find a trusted circle of friends and family

When you’re trying to battle addiction, the addiction treatment you receive is just one part. It’s important that when it comes to your home environment, you have the right people with you or that you and other members of the family are there for that individual.

Having a trusted circle of friends and family is going to help provide the support and help that the individual needs in order to maintain their efforts in breaking the cycle. Whether that’s a drug or alcohol treatment, the love that the user receives is one that can create a positive impact on their journey.

When you’re living in a household with an addict, it can be a tricky situation to navigate. It’s important to have a game plan should things go awry and you’re in need of help quickly. 

Restrict access to money.

One of the biggest contributors to a cycle that continues is money. With money, the addict can get drugs, alcohol, or whatever it is that satisfies their addiction. As part of their progress, it’s a good idea to restrict access to money.

Of course, it’s important to be able to get their consent in order to do so, or willingly give it over to someone you trust if that addict is you.

By taking away the financial source, you’re able to limit what the addict can get their hands on. Be sure to rid their home of any existing drugs or alcohol so that there’s no temptation to relapse.

Find ways to distract and provide activities.

‘Self-care’ is something that’s thrown around haphazardly when it comes to mental health. However, in order to distract the user away from their addiction, keeping them busy can be helpful.

Find their passions and what brings them joy so that they can find a focus that will carry them in the right direction. If it’s you that’s struggling with an addiction, figure out what could help you stay occupied and more importantly, away from bad influences.

It can be a welcome effort especially if the person is going through a drug treatment program already.

Find an affordable treatment center that will help with the journey

If it’s an alcohol addiction or drug abuse, then this type of addiction can benefit from an addiction treatment center. There are plenty of programs available within Findlay Recovery Center that are waiting readily for those who want to get in touch.

It’s important to remember that therapy and solving addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You may find it easier whereas others may find it extremely challenging to overcome an addiction.

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