Technology Use in An Addiction Treatment Center: Am I Allowed to Have My Devices?

Technology drives the world we live in, and people cannot do without it. It has simplified our lives, made tasks more efficient, and dramatically improved communication. However, can technology be safely used in rehabilitation centers in Indiana and other places around the country to stay in touch with friends and family?

A common misconception by people who are not in the rehabilitation field is that technology may encumber substance abuse recovery. However, a study showed that the use of technology provides insight from the initial assessment to the treatment stage of persons recuperating from abusive substances, thereby disproving this misapprehension. In this article, we shall find out if patients can keep using cell phones and the internet in places of rehabilitation or if their use will hamper their recovery process.

Using Technology in Rehabilitation

Using Technology Through Rehabilitation

Being able to remain in touch with friends and family is one thing recovering patients sorely need. On the other hand, professionals also need technology to stay up to date with work and other things. Experts in the rehabilitation field agree on this, and it is the major reason why high-end technologies, laptops, and smartphones are being allowed into rehabilitation facilities.

It has been argued that if these technologies are not kept from patients, it will discourage them from committing to rehabilitation centers. However, industry experts have shown that technology is an integral part of recovering from substance abuse. Working-class patients who need to be in constant communication with colleagues and business partners can be assured of not being cut off when they commit themselves.

These findings have been accepted and implemented by rehabilitation centers all around the world. Since the adoption of these findings, many of them have opened up their doors to technology and unrestricted the use of laptops, phones, and the internet. Though the use of technology may still be limited for patients, it is freely allowed for people who need to remain in touch with the world outside.

Using Technology in Rehabilitation

Modern trends have shown that technology is woven into the fabric of our daily lives. It makes it easier to remain in touch with the outside world and enables loved ones to see and track your progress while providing much-needed support. This has proven key to the recovery process. As such, rehab facilities now encourage their use and may act as a catalyst to speed up the recovery process. For professionals, staying in touch with your finger on the pulse is key as it can result in making or un-making a deal. The above reasons are why rehab facilities in Indiana and all over the U.S. are enabling more use of technology and smartphones.

Using Technology in Rehabilitation

Does Technology Distract at The Addiction Treatment Center?

Technology as a distraction during the recovery process is a major misconception that a lot of people have. They see it as a lure that diverts attention from focusing on weaning yourself from dependence on substances. Others also see it as peeking into the time you are missing out on and may trigger a relapse.

A study conducted in 2018 indicated that a majority of those who committed themselves to rehab centers kept using social media throughout their recovery. Another revelation from the study was that the use of social media eventually did lead to relapse. Rehabilitation centers that allow technology in their facilities should take this particular finding seriously and take appropriate steps to monitor patients’ actions.

Further studies have shown that though the use of technology may have its disadvantages, the advantages far outweigh them. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm regarding the continued use of technology during recovery. The use of technology during free time is being allowed by many rehabilitation facilities in the U.S., with guidelines set in place to allow for healthy use by patients during recovery.

Recovering from substance abuse is not easy, but remaining in touch with people you love will provide you with further motivation to do the right thing and get back to your best. Studies have shown that technology can be just the catalyst to help you on your road to recovery.

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