Signs You Need To Clean Up: Drug & Alcohol Counseling

When it comes to substances, it can be easy to become addicted to them and you may think you’ve got control of the situation. In reality, though, it’s a lot harder to quit an addiction, especially when you’re trying to do it without any help whatsoever. Being addicted to anything is something that can take a lot more strength and willpower than you think. It may be something you don’t possess right now either. This article is going to cover some of the telling signs that your drug or alcohol use has gotten to a point where it’s out of control and you need drug & alcohol counseling. Alcohol is a drug in itself and so is just as addictive, and has even more damaging consequences for those around you.

Signs You Need Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Driving whilst under the influence of drugs

If you decide to take the risk of driving whilst being under the influence of drugs, then it’s a clear sign that your control of the substance has gotten out of hand. When you throw caution to the wind and get behind the wheel of any car, you are putting your life and others at risk. It clearly shows that you’re careless in your behavior and that you’re not thinking straight about the devastating risks that can come from it.

You’ve got health problems that have been caused by drug use

There are a lot of drugs out there that can make you sick and for some, they may even have permanent consequences. If you ignore these health concerns and continue using, that’s enough in itself that you value the drugs more than your own life.

Signs You Need Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Family and friends are concerned and have asked you to stop

Those around you who love and value your life here on earth, have they asked you to stop? They may have at least expressed their concern and that concern must be something that you consider. Ignoring them is a sign that logical behavior has been thrown out the window.

You’ve found yourself arrested due to drugs

Whether it’s being caught with an illegal substance or perhaps driving under the influence, when you land yourself in the hands of the authorities, it can be a terrifying bump back down to earth and for many, it gives you a reality check. Self-sabotaging is doing something intentionally and knowing the risks it brings. If getting arrested doesn’t stop you from continuing the substance-taking, then what will?

Signs You Need Drug & Alcohol Counseling

You’ve lost a job or been kicked out of education 

Addiction can really ruin your present life but also your future. You may have been kicked out of school or perhaps you’ve been fired from your employment because of it. With the digital age being what it is, there’s very little that’s private anymore and if it gets out online, then a substance addiction could really make it difficult to progress further in life.

Addiction can ruin your future and can really take its toll on your mental health and body.

Seek help with drug & alcohol counseling

If you find yourself in this situation or you’re already aware you need help, then it’s important to seek help immediately, whether it’s reaching out to the family first or if it’s professionally through counseling or rehabilitation programs. There are so many options out there and they’re all ready and willing to help if you let them.

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