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Signs It’s Time to Go to Prescription Drug Rehab

Doctors prescribe medication every day to individuals who need help. But when those prescriptions are misused, they can be dangerous. 

Prescription misuse occurs when an individual is “Taking a medicine that was prescribed for someone else, taking a larger dose than you are supposed to, taking the medicine in a different way than you are supposed to. (This might be crushing tablets and then snorting or injecting them.), and/or using the medicine for another purpose, such as getting high.”

If you or a loved one are struggling with prescription drug abuse, contact Findlay Recovery Center today. Our affordable addiction treatment plan can support your rehabilitation needs.

What Are Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drugs are any substance a doctor must write a prescription for. This classification is so broad it covers everything from blood pressure medication to insulin, to pain medications. 

The most commonly prescribed problem drugs are opioids like oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, and morphine. These prescription drugs killed approximately 13,000 people last year due to overdose and misuse. Opioids are followed by central nervous system depressants (Xanax), and stimulants (ADHD medication).

Why Are Prescription Drugs Addictive?

Prescription drugs are addictive because of how they make you feel. When an individual is prescribed a prescription drug, like morphine or oxycodone for pain, it works quickly to relieve the pain. This makes your body feel good and you are encouraged that the medication is working. 

The next time you feel pain, you take the drug again and it works, further cementing to your subconscious and body that what you’re doing is helpful. And it is, for the pain. 

However, taking a medication not prescribed to you and/or not following the prescription recommendations can cause addiction. Your body needs the drug to recreate the feeling and you can’t achieve it without it. 

Signs It’s Time to Go to Prescription Drug Rehab

The signs that it’s time to go to prescription drug rehab occur quickly and can be obvious to doctors when it’s your own prescription. When an individual takes too much of a drug and needs a prescription refill too quickly, this signals to a doctor that there may be a problem because the medication is not being taken as prescribed. 

However, it gets more difficult to discern when someone is using illegally obtained prescription drugs.

Behavioral signs of prescription drug abuse include:

  • Stealing, forging, or selling prescriptions
  • Taking higher doses than prescribed
  • Excessive mood swings or hostility
  • Increase or decrease in sleep
  • Poor decision-making
  • Appearing to be high, unusually energetic or revved up, or sedated
  • Requesting early refills or continually “losing” prescriptions, so more prescriptions must be written
  • Seeking prescriptions from more than one doctor

If you have noticed these behavioral changes or any physical changes related to drug use, it is important to get yourself or your loved one help for an addiction. Findlay Recovery Center can support individuals struggling with prescription drug addictions.

Reach Out to the Team Today at Findlay Recovery Center

Findlay Recovery Center is a prescription drug rehab in Ohio, dedicated to supporting our clients to manage their addictions. Our treatment programs are individually tailored to meet the specific client’s needs and provide multiple opportunities for success. 

At Findlay Recovery Center we use the best evidence-based therapeutic treatments in combination with unique and alternative therapies that provide a well-rounded program for rehabilitation. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in combination with movement and creative arts therapies, our clients can work on centering and focusing their minds on rehabilitation. 

Our modern affordable treatment center offers medically monitored detoxification in combination with our residential addiction treatment program and aftercare programming to meet the needs of our clients from start to finish. 

At Findlay Recovery Center we offer a different type of addiction treatment in Ohio.

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