How to Find Rehab Covered by Frontpath Insurance

When it comes to finding rehab covered by health insurance, it is best to find one in-network. Finding in-network treatment ensures that you are attending a vetted program and will pay the least out of pocket for your addiction treatment.

At Findlay Recovery, our clients work through detoxification and inpatient treatment in an Ohio facility designed to cater to their individual rehabilitative needs. With traditional and alternative therapies available for all clients, we work to discover what works best and is most beneficial for all clients. 

Contact us today to verify your insurance policy and figure out how we can help you down the path of recovery today.

Does Insurance Usually Cover Rehab Treatment?

Insurance usually covers several rehab treatment options. For example, your insurance may cover inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, or outpatient rehabilitation, depending on your medical diagnosis. 

Inpatient treatment is typically covered for individuals with severe substance use disorders. This includes clients who struggle with additional mental health concerns, severe withdrawal symptoms, and have multiple indicators for addiction. For this type of rehab to be covered, it often requires a doctor’s prescription and pre-approval for treatment or the location. 

The next level of treatment covered by insurance is an intensive outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization. Clients in this category often struggle with a moderate substance use disorder without additional mental health concerns. Additionally, these clients have a safe and drug-free home environment that is supportive of their rehabilitation. This level of addiction treatment also typically requires a medical prescription but, based on your insurance policy, may not. 

Finally, the lowest level of addiction treatment, which often doesn’t require a prescription, is outpatient treatment. This, as long as it is in-network, is typically covered by insurance and can support clients with mild to moderate substance use disorders. This type of addiction treatment requires patients to meet with counselors and group therapy several times a week and can last upwards of 90 days or more. 

All of these various levels of rehabilitative treatment are available through insurance and are dependent on your policy. Policy levels may include multiple options, and some may consist of a cost to you, the client. Finding an in-network addiction treatment center will provide the most coverage for your treatment. It can ensure that you pay the least amount possible out of pocket for your rehabilitation.

What Does Frontpath Insurance Cover?

FrontPath Health Coalition is a not-for-profit group dedicated to improving the cost ratio for health care services in their given area. FrontPath, while working to reform the healthcare market in its local areas, has developed a comprehensive PPO network to provide its users with the best and lowest healthcare costs. 

Through FrontPath Health Coalition, many rehabs are covered. These addiction treatment centers include inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and various intensive outpatient programs that bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient treatment to provide the appropriate level of care necessary for sustainable recovery. 

How to Find Rehab Covered by Frontpath Insurance

If you are using FrontPath Health Coalition, there are many ways to see what your coverage includes. First, by contacting FrontPath HC, you can have an employee verify your policy. When your policy is confirmed, the individual can check to see your coverage costs, what percentage you stand to pay out of pocket, and which local rehabs are covered within the PPO network. This extra step can ensure that you get the most robust coverage at the lowest cost. Addiction treatment should never be skimped on. Instead, allow your insurance to pick up most of the tab and get the healthcare treatment you need.

Another way to see what FrontPath Health Coalition can do for you is by contacting the local rehabilitation center you are considering and having them verify your insurance. When they confirm your insurance policy and guarantee your coverage, the rehab center can provide you with a more exact cost for treatment through their program. If the facility, even with insurance, is out of your price range, many rehabs can offer suggestions for other local substance use support.

At Findlay Recovery, we work with all individuals to help them get the support they need to kick the habit. By accepting multiple insurances and providing a variety of treatment options, our clients can work through a program that best meets their needs and can ensure their sobriety.
Speak with an admissions coordinator today to verify your insurance coverage.

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