Prescription Drug Abuse Programs In My Area

If you, or a loved one, are battling drug abuse, you aren’t alone. There are numerous people in America dealing with addiction. 

Here are a few statistics to give you an overview of the state of drug addiction:

  • In 2017, over 19.7 million adults in America suffered from drug abuse.
  • Alcohol use is responsible for 5.1% of the global disease burden and injury.
  • Alcoholism leads to 13.5% of all deaths among individuals aged between 20-39 years.
  • More than 38% of adults suffering from drug abuse in 2017 were from illicit drug use disorder.

With such alarming statistics, it is advisable to learn more about drug abuse programs for addiction rehab. If the question, are there prescription drug abuse programs for addiction rehab in my area keeps crossing your mind, this article is for you. 

Read on to learn more about prescription drug abuse programs for addiction. 

Prescription Drug Abuse Programs In My Area

Medication for Addiction Treatment: How Do They Work?

All addictive substances can manipulate the reward centers and pleasure of the brain. Despite the variation in these substances’ mechanism of action, the right pharmacotherapeutic approaches can help deal with the addiction, restoring balance to the processes that drug abuse disrupts. 

The prescription drug abuse program you get into depends on the specific addiction you have. Nevertheless, the drugs you use are made for eliminating your cravings and dealing with the effects of withdrawal, countering the drug’s intoxicating effects. Additionally, you may be provided with medications to help you throughout the recovery process. 

Types of Prescription Drug Abuse Programs for Addiction 

Prescription Drug Abuse Programs In My Area

There are typical classes of addiction treatment programs, depending on the modalities and types of addiction. Over the years, individual programs and treatment approaches have been evolving. While such evolution and diversification may be useful, it has led to the emergence of programs that cannot fit well into the traditional drug addiction treatment classification. 

The common types of prescription drug abuse programs for addiction include:

  • Prescription drug inpatient rehab
  • Prescription drug outpatient rehab
  • Prescription drug individualized and group therapy

Here is a brief overview of each program:

1. Prescription Drug Inpatient Rehab

In a prescription drug inpatient rehab, you will be required to stay at a rehabilitation facility for a specified period. Usually, this setup is best for you if your therapists believe that you cannot recover independently because you heavily depend on prescription drugs. 

2. Prescription Drug Outpatient Rehab

The prescription drug outpatient rehab describes a rehabilitation setup where you go to a rehab facility for lessons and back to your residency. Usually, this approach best suits a monthly, weekly, or daily arrangement depending on your specific preferences and availability. The advantage of this type of program is that you can continue with your daily activities. 

3. Prescription Drug Individualized or Group Therapy

Individualized or group therapy, often referred to as counseling, involves a medical professional attached to work with you to guide you throughout the recovery process. Usually, individualized or group therapy is applicable for both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.

Individualized therapy’s success depends on the confidentiality, level of care, and safety of the rehab settings. Such an environment allows the patient to open up freely regarding their challenges, feelings, and beliefs. 

Get Prescription Drug Abuse Help Today

Prescription Drug Abuse Programs In My Area

Drug abuse addiction can have adverse impacts on you or your loved ones’ health. It is advisable to find a reliable addiction and treatment center for the right help. 

If you are looking for an affordable approach to addiction treatment in Ohio, get in touch with Findlay Recovery Center. You will be provided with personalized treatment plans to help achieve lifetime sobriety.

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