Pennsylvania Residents You Should Consider An Ohio Detox & Addiction Treatment Center

Cases of drug and alcohol abuse have spiked in the US and Pennsylvania hasn’t been left behind. The state routinely reports a significant number of drug overdose cases with heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine being the most widely abused drugs.

If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, perhaps you know someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You may also be the one battling addiction yourself. If that is the case, know that help is available.

Addiction affects an individual mentally, psychologically, and physically, giving rise to several health problems. Unfortunately, it also wreaks havoc on an individual’s life, destroying relationships with their loved ones and even causing problems at work.

The good news is that with proper care and assistance, you can get your life back on track. If you lived in Pennsylvania and have tried addiction treatment before to no avail or if you feel that the rehab centers in your home state aren’t a good fit, don’t give up. You can choose to get alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ohio.

Ohio Detox & Addiction Treatment Center

What Can I Expect from the Findlay Detox and Addiction Treatment Center?

As the leading drug and alcohol detox center in Ohio, we at the Findlay Recovery Center do our best to help all our clients to conquer addiction. We take individuals on a case-by-case basis and provide the best detoxification and addiction treatment services that will see them go on to live healthy productive lives.

Traveling to Ohio for detox and addiction treatment isn’t something you do on a whim. You need to be assured that the rehab center you choose has the tools and resources to guide you through your recovery journey.

Here are some of the common questions that can help you determine whether traveling to Ohio for addiction treatment is the right thing to do:

Ohio Detox & Addiction Treatment Center

1. What happens during drug or alcohol detox?

Detoxification, or detox for short, is simply the process through which your body metabolizes and gets rid of the harmful toxins from drugs or alcohol. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you can expect to experience some withdrawal symptoms throughout this process. The symptoms can range from mild to severe.

At the Findlay Detox Center, the detox process is overseen by medical professionals so you can be assured that help is on hand should anything happen. Should the symptoms become overwhelming, our qualified doctors will administer medication to make them easier to bear. Detox is only the beginning of the addiction treatment process and it puts you on the right path to recovery.

2. How long does the detox process take?

How long detox takes mostly depends on the severity of your addiction. The longer you’ve been using drugs or alcohol, the more dependent your body has become on these substances.

Generally, there are 3 stages of detox. You enter the first stage 6-12 hours upon admission to our center. At this stage, you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. The next stage comes in 12-48 hours when the symptoms peak. This is where you can start vomiting and get severe headaches and body chills among others. During this stage, you may need medical help to pull through. Once this passes, you enter the third and final stage where all the toxins have been flushed from your body. You may feel like a new person although some cravings, depression, and anxiety may persist. Finally, you are ready to move on from the detox treatment to an addiction treatment program.

3. Do you offer other addiction treatment programs?

At the Findlay Recovery Center, we offer other addiction programs to complement the detox one. After detox, our clients can progress to the alcohol addiction residential treatment program or the drug addiction residential treatment program.

Upon admission to any of these programs, our team of addiction treatment specialists will examine you before designing an individual treatment plan. We believe that everyone experiences detox differently so it makes sense to come up with treatment plans that are suited to your unique individual needs.

Our team will be with you throughout every stage of your treatment from detox to recovery and discharge so there’s no need to rush. You can go through treatment at your own pace.

4. How long will I stay at the detox center?

Your length of stay at our drug and alcohol detox center in Ohio is determined by a few things. This includes the severity of your addiction and the severity of your withdrawal symptoms. Those who take longer to go through detox should expect a longer stay at our facility. Remember people are different and while some might seem to take a shorter time to detox, others may require more time. We do not rush this process and we do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible throughout the detox process.

5. How much will the detox and treatment cost?

One of the key factors determining whether or not you’ll make the trip from Pennsylvania to Ohio for treatment are the costs involved. We accept a variety of health insurance providers at our detox and drug treatment center so that can help ease the burden of treatment. Additionally, we have a residential treatment program where you can stay at our treatment facility. This can help save on accommodation costs though the cost of food and board is added to the comprehensive treatment costs.

In most cases, your overall cost of treatment depends on the duration of your stay, the care received, and the treatment program you’re admitted to.

Ohio Detox & Addiction Treatment Center

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If you, or your loved one, are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in Pennsylvania, give the Findlay Drug and Alcohol Detox Center in Ohio a try. We’ll help you get through detox and progress to an effective addiction treatment program that will put your life back on a more productive path.

You don’t have to battle addiction alone. Help is available. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started on your treatment journey.

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