The Best Cocaine Detox Center in Ohio

Drug addiction is a chronic disease and is hard on the person who struggles with the addiction as well as all their friends and family members. It is important to get professional help to overcome addiction and maintain sobriety. Cocaine is an especially addictive drug that can be ingested, injected, or snorted. Findlay Recovery Center is an Ohio-based cocaine detox center that can help break the cycle of addiction.

The regular use of drugs like cocaine change brain chemistry in a way that leads to dependency. Once this happens, quitting becomes very hard, especially without the help of professionals.

Warning Signs Of Cocaine Addiction

The Best Cocaine Detox Center in Ohio

If you think a loved one is having a drug problem, it is important to gain the necessary information to first identify the problem and then help them get assistance. Many people can hide their drug problems very well, so learning the warning signs of cocaine use is important.

Someone becoming addicted to cocaine might have a faint trace of white residue left on the mouth or nose after use. They might also exhibit dangerous behaviors, have frequent nose bleeds, and suffer from extreme mood swings.

They may also isolate themselves from their friends, family, and social functions as they tread deeper into the addiction. You may notice that they experience extreme weight loss, have burn marks on their lips and/or hands, and experience withdrawal symptoms between uses.

There are two main forms of cocaine: crack cocaine and powder cocaine. Crack cocaine looks like small crystal shapes that are usually ingested through smoking. Powder cocaine can be injected, smoked, or snorted. Cocaine use will get worse over time, so being sensitive to the warning signs to seek early help is important.

When a person uses cocaine, they will experience a high, but it is relatively short (only about 5-30 minutes). Because of the short experience, a person will typically consume cocaine several times in quick succession to maintain the high. These characteristics of cocaine are what make it highly addictive. Finding early intervention for a loved one is important for them to recover from their addiction.

After Consuming Cocaine

Cocaine is a fast-acting drug, and the effects take place almost immediately. It distorts the dopamine levels in the brain, so it is in the “feel-good” drug category. Side effects vary depending on the individual, but they may feel very excited or have other mood swings. They may also get violent or hostile. They may lose their appetite, have fewer inhibitions, or feel more active.

It is also common to combine the use of cocaine with other drugs like heroin or alcohol, which will make the effects of the cocaine worse. Multiple drug use greatly intensifies the likelihood of overdose. A drug addiction treatment program that starts with a detox will not only help the individual detox but also set the individual up for success once leaving the program.

Findlay Recovery Cocaine Detox Center

The Best Cocaine Detox Center in Ohio

We are an Ohio-based drug and alcohol detox center dedicated to helping you or your loved one recover from addiction. We offer many approaches to detox that are influenced and determined by the individual case.

Medicated detox (either long or short-term) and cold-turkey detox are both strategies we can use because we understand that each case is different and may require a different approach. We train our professionals to incorporate short and long-term medicated detox strategies if needed. When they experience withdrawal symptoms, medication is administered to help ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Each case is overseen by a medical professional to make sure that the individual is safe and progressing appropriately. They are especially important during the withdrawal stage and managing symptoms.

Each substance has different symptoms and withdrawal timelines, so it is important to have a professional oversee the process. It gets especially complicated if more than one drug is involved. Usually, a drug will take an entire week for acute withdrawal, but that can vary depending on the individual.

It is important to comprehend that each person is different. Everyone’s body and mental situation are different, so they will handle withdrawal differently as well. Some people may be more sensitive to the withdrawal symptoms or take longer to detox. Patience is important during this stage.

It is also important to understand that the detox stage is only the first stage. Completing the detox stage is not the completion of the recovery program. Detox is the gate through which you can enter a recovery program. It is impossible to start recovery while still using the drug. So, once your detox is complete, the real work of setting up a treatment program can begin. 

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