Compassionate Addiction Treatment Center in Ohio

Are you currently looking for support through your alcohol detox and recovery? Look no further than our Ohio Based Addiction Treatment Center. You deserve compassion, support, and total confidence as you get through what could be one of the most challenging experiences you may have to deal with in life. At Findlay Recovery Center, we aim to help you to achieve long-term recovery, and we invest in your future.

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Compassionate Addiction Treatment Center in Ohio


Finding treatment is not always easy, especially if you are looking for a specific treatment that meets your needs. At our Ohio Based Addiction Treatment Center, you will find an expert team of doctors, psychiatrists, peer supporters, and nurses who are ready to walk you through detox and through to recovery.

Alcohol abuse is a severe disorder, and we take it as such. You are not alone in your battle, with more than 14 million adults in the U.S. dealing with an alcohol issue. It’s not easy to overcome and find peace in recovery, but it can be done, and with our help, we aim to get you there sooner. Getting rid of the alcohol in your system takes time, and we understand that. We know this is not going to be a simple process, and it’s why we stand beside you 24/7 as you need us, so that you can guarantee you are not alone through this.

Detox is hard, and while it’s not the right step for everyone, it can save your life if you choose it for yourself. The best place to start is in our Ohio Based Addiction Treatment Center.

Choose Medically-Supported Detox With Findlay Recovery Center

Compassionate Addiction Treatment Center in Ohio

Detox is often something that doesn’t work for those who go it alone. It’s not that the person trying to do it is failing, but it’s that detox is a mountain to climb. No one goes up to the tip of Everest alone, so trying to do it with detox is likely to make you freeze on the way up. Instead of trying to go it alone, you need medical and therapeutic support to get through it. Medical supervision is a must, as it’s going to help you to increase your chances of succeeding. You will also have your detox closely monitored to ensure that the sudden removal of alcohol from your system isn’t going to lead to severe consequences.

Withdrawal looks different for everyone going through it, and some of the symptoms you may experience include things like tremors, anxiety, insomnia, and an increased heart rate. The good news is that there is hope at the end of the detox. You will come through the detox days, and yes, they will be challenging, but after that, you can focus on continuing that recovery and remembering that life can be good without alcohol.

What To Expect From Findlay Recovery Center

We don’t just pull you through detox. We monitor every hour of your progress, helping you with medication where you need it. After you get through the detox portion of the program, we will then work closely with you with a range of therapies to work on the issues that led you to overconsumption of alcohol in the first place. Our medical team works around the clock to keep you comfortable and safe, too, so you will feel safe and secure that you are not alone.

The Findlay Recovery Center Experience

Our Ohio Based Addiction Treatment Center provides each client with world-class clinical care. Our expert team is equipped with all of the necessary training to ensure that you can get from day one to the day you go home once more with all the support and comfort that you need. We are compassionate and discrete with our care so that you know that you have people to work with you without judgment. Every single client is given a unique and dedicated treatment plan. We want you to work on feeling confident enough to live a life away from alcohol, and that’s achievable with our treatment programs and aftercare options.

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The most significant step you could ever take in your life is contacting Findlay Recovery Center today. It’s time to take control of your future with our help, and while the road to recovery is full of bumps, we can get you through it in one piece.

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