NA or AA: What Does It Mean To ‘Work Your Program’?

You might have heard about working on your program or developing a program in order to overcome addiction. If you’re in the process of taking on your addiction problems and putting them behind you, it’s definitely a good idea to learn more about what people mean when they talk about a program and working on your program. That’s what we’re going to talk more about today, so read on to find out more.

What is the 12-Step Program?

The 12-step program is something that’s generally associated with Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. The program is geared towards helping people confront and overcome their addiction problems, with the help of professionals and a supportive community of people who are also going through the same struggles and who might be at various different stages of the journey. It’s all about making relapse less likely.

What it Means to Work the Steps

When you hear people talk about working the steps, they’re usually referring to the process of moving through the steps. The steps usually involve things like recognizing how you’re powerless against your addiction and that you must find the power that allows you to manage your life and resist your addiction not just now, but going forward into the future as well. It might also mean making amends for the bad things you did while in the full throes of addiction.

Finding Community

Working your program and attending AA or NA is also about finding a community. You’ll be able to talk things through with people who are not going to judge you and who understand exactly what it is you’ve been going through. Finding a supportive community that’s always there for you to speak to and learn from is one of the most valuable things that comes with working your program for many people.

Overcoming the Addiction

At the end of the day, what it all comes down to is overcoming addiction and preventing it from being something that overtakes your life. Clearly, that’s not what anyone wants to experience. When you’re addicted, you want to get out of the situation and turn things around. The only challenge that many addicts face is finding the right help. But it is out there and you should make the most of it.

Increase Chances of Relapse Prevention

When you work your program and go through all of the relevant steps, you’ll give yourself a highly reduced chance of relapsing later on and falling back into your bad old ways. That’s what this is all about because stopping the use of a drug or alcohol is one thing, but it’s something else entirely to ensure that you never relapse again in the future. Your program can help with that though.
If you’ve been experiencing addiction troubles, you too might find that a 12-step program helps you to put those problems behind you. There’s plenty of help out there if you’re looking for support with overcoming addiction and putting a program in place, especially if you want to pursue AA or NA.

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