Is Cocaine A Stimulant? Uppers Vs Downers

Cocaine is a widely abused drug in the country. This article will answer the question is cocaine a stimulant & what are “uppers” vs “downers”

Stimulants work on the body by speeding up the central nervous system. This ends up increasing the user’s physical stamina, alertness, and energy levels. The euphoric high is so intense that it can make an individual seem like an entirely different person. Those who are withdrawn can become more social and outgoing while those dealing with depression can feel on top of the world.

Unfortunately, this high is followed by a drastic dip in energy and motivation as cocaine levels in the body wear off. This can leave the user experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms which they often seek to stop by taking more of the drug. In this way, they quickly become addicted to cocaine.

Cocaine’s Stimulating Effect

Cocaine is an extremely addictive stimulant but how does it work?

The common ways to take cocaine include snorting or injecting it. As soon as the user takes a hit, cocaine goes to the brain and gets to work on the central nervous system. It disrupts neurotransmitters in the brain by flooding them with dopamine. The result is the user experiences a boost in energy levels accompanied by an elevated pulse, body temperature, and blood pressure. The jolt of energy increases an individual’s level of activity and excitement, making them hyper. Cocaine also speeds up metabolism while inhibiting tiredness, which makes it difficult for those using it to get adequate sleep or rest.

As the user starts coming down from the high, they are confronted by unpleasant symptoms including loss of energy, depression, irritability, fatigue, paranoia, and anxiety. They also experience intense cravings for the drug, which may drive them to do almost anything to get another hit. Those struggling with a cocaine addiction may end up selling household goods, stealing, or manipulating their loved ones to get the cash they need to feed their addiction.

In the end, cocaine users become trapped in a negative cycle where they take cocaine, get high experience a crash, then get high again. The obsession with their next hit may end up costing them their jobs and relationships.

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