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I Just Lost My Job, Can I Get Help Paying For Rehab

Get Help Paying For Rehab

Unemployment levels are high right now. The COVID-19 pandemic saw record-high numbers of people lose their jobs and even though there has been some recovery, we’re not quite back and pre-pandemic levels yet.  Losing your job can be a huge blow to your financial, mental, and physical health, compounding any addictions you might have. At a time you need rehab the most, you find yourself with no money to pay for it. We’re often contacted by people seeking treatment, saying I just lost my job, can I get help paying for rehab? 

At Findlay Recovery Centre, we offer affordable drug and alcohol treatment in the Ohio area, there are a number of ways that you can pay for your treatment. Remember, the priority is getting better. Overcoming your addiction can save your life and give you the chance to secure and thrive in another job. Don’t let the fear of the cost of treatment stop you from getting better. Before you start investigating what financial help is available, it is a good idea to discover the length and nature of the treatment you need. We offer a range of residential and outpatient services, with the costs different for each. Get in touch with us to discuss your circumstances and we will be able to assess the best course of treatment for you. 

Check your health insurance after a job loss

If you have very recently lost your job, you may still be covered by your employer’s health insurance for a period of time. This is often given as a grace period after leaving employment for you to either join your new employer’s scheme or buy interim insurance. Double-check with your employer’s health insurance company to see if you’re still covered. 

Government grants for the necessary addiction rehab

There are a limited amount of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) grants available annually. It is worth contacting them to see if you fulfill the eligibility requirements. If you do, you could have some or all of your treatment costs covered. 

Medicare and Medicaid to get help paying for rehab

Depending on your family income, age, and other criteria, you may be eligible for Medicaid or Medicare which can help you to pay for essential treatment. The eligibility criteria change on a regular basis so it is definitely worth investigating to see if you can get help. 

The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Designed to help those on low incomes access healthcare, the affordable care act can help you to pay towards the cost of your rehab. Addiction treatment is now not classed as a pre-existing condition so even if you’ve received treatment before, you should still be able to access it. 

Change your life at Findlay Recovery Center for Addiction

If you’re seeking treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction in Ohio, then Findlay Recovery Centre can help you take back control of your life. Our affordable, professional treatment options are provided in high-quality facilities designed to give you the treatment and support you need to overcome addiction. 

Losing your job doesn’t have to be a barrier to you getting help, contact us today for a confidential discussion about your needs.

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