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I Just Finished Inpatient Drug Rehab, How Can I Be Less Likely To Relapse

Relapse is one thing you should avoid at all costs after getting out of a drug rehabilitation center. Here is why:

  • It takes you to square one within seconds
  • The chances of overdosing on drugs are high
  • It can result in other worse medical conditions
  • It discourages you from fighting to get well

Many people fall victim to relapse a few months after getting out of addiction treatment centers. This mainly happens due to one’s unrealistic expectations when getting into addiction recovery centers. Most people don’t understand that it takes hard work and time to bid farewell to drug addiction. 

Instead, they want to join a rehab today and come out tomorrow fully recovered, which of course, is not possible. When addicts fail to achieve their desire, they give up and look for the substances that initially made them feel good about themselves.

Other major cause of relapse is idleness and boredom. As it’s commonly said, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop; you can imagine what will happen when you get out of a rehabilitation center where you were busy with various activities and spend your days doing nothing. You will go back to what was keeping you alive before, which is the drugs. 

Apart from wasting your time and money, relapse has far-reaching consequences. Therefore do everything within you to avoid it at all costs. If you are among the many asking, I just finished Inpatient Drug Rehab, How Can I Be Less Likely To Relapse. Read on to identify how you can safely transition to a healthy lifestyle after getting out of that treatment center. 

I Just Finished Inpatient Drug Rehab

Understand That the Recovery Journey Just Started After Drug Rehab

Getting out of a drug addiction treatment center is the first step in the long recovery journey. Yes, congratulations on beating all odds to overcome that initial stage which is the hardest. Deciding to seek addiction treatment is never easy. 

Now, you need to relax and follow what you learned in the rehab religiously. Moreover, make sure to take your medications and attend follow-up clinics without fail. Also, be keen on the aftercare services offered by your treatment center. 

Keep Busy To Reduce The Likelihood of Relapse

Having come from a center where you had daily scheduled activities to do, it would be very wrong to sit doing nothing. This idleness will give room for negative thoughts to take you back to the bondage you are fighting to overcome. 

Therefore with the help of your therapist and family members, find something worthy to do. It would be best if it were an income-generating activity so that you can comfortably cater to your needs. 

Avoid Tempting Situations To Avoid Relapse

You would be harming yourself if you went knocking into those old areas you used to hang out. In there, you will find all that you are fighting to overcome. Do you think you are strong enough to say no to alcohol at this juncture? 

You have the answer to the question, and depending on what it is, do the needful. Keep away from any incident that may have you back to your old ways during this time when you need to recover fully. This will mean getting new friends and healthy places to hang out. 

Develop and Keep a Strong and Healthy Social Network

I Just Finished Inpatient Drug Rehab

Coming out of a drug addiction treatment center symbolizes a new start for you. Besides your family, your old friends, more so those in the addiction you are fighting to overcome, will no longer associate with you, which is a good thing as it keeps you away from temptations. 

As you come out of the center, make an effort to grow those friendships you had established while there. Such networks will save you a great deal, and they will act as accountability partners in the outside world. 

After Finishing Inpatient Drug Rehab, Keep The Spirits Up

These four-pointers will help you better transition and avoid relapse. When you get out, take careful consideration of each suggestion and keep close contact with your treatment center in case of anything. 

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