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How We Work With Women Who Are Hurting From Addictions

Addiction affects women and men differently. Studies have shown that women are more prone to the mental and psychological effects of addiction than men. This means they are more susceptible to co-occurring mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety along with their addiction.

Women and Addiction

Women are disproportionately affected by addiction. For starters, society considers women nurturers and caregivers. They are not expected to experiment with drugs or alcohol and as a result, addiction in women carries more stigma. Additionally, women find it more difficult to seek help for their addiction. they not only have to overcome stigma and guilt but often have to figure out where to take their children as they seek addiction treatment.

In some cases, women struggling with addiction also carry some form of trauma from abusive relationships in their lives. This could include sexual abuse and rape or relationships with partners who insult, degrade, threaten or intimidate them. Women struggling with substance abuse are also vulnerable to assault or rape when they are high or they’ve blacked out. As a result, these women turn to alcohol or drugs in an attempt to self-medicating their emotions or numb themselves to what is going on around them.

Unfortunately, this creates a vicious cycle where they abuse substances, end up ruining their lives or families, and go back to those same substances for solace.

Working with Women Hurting from Addictions

At Findlay Recovery Center in Ohio, we aim to provide affordable and comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment services to all who need them.

To help women struggling with addiction, we started a new program known as Elevate. This program assists women to get over their trauma and addiction and go on to start new lives. Elevate is led by qualified clinical addiction counselors who have extensive experience working with women hurting from addiction, abuse, and trauma. It provides a safe space where women can open up and talk about the effect addiction has had on their lives. This program is carried out as part of our residential treatment program including our alcohol addiction residential treatment program.

In Elevate, women are led through several sessions geared at getting them to confront their negative core belief systems and the patterns of self-loathing, self-blame, and self-sabotage that greatly contribute to their addiction. Through these sessions, they eventually come to forgive and love themselves, improving their self-esteem and self-worth.

Contact Us Today

If you are a woman dealing with abuse, trauma, and addiction, know that you don’t have to deal with it alone. Help is available to help you overcome and go on to lead a beautiful life full of self-love and forgiveness. We would love to help you recover and grow into the wonderful woman you were meant to be.

To get started or to enquire about our drug addiction residential treatment program, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our lines are always open.

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