How To Find The Right Drug Treatment Rehab For My Partner

Finding The Right Rehab Center For My PartnerWhen you’re in a loving relationship, you’d do anything to support your loved one. When it comes to fighting their drug addiction or habit of alcohol abuse, you will be stronger as a team. Even if your loved one truly wants to regain control of their life, they need your help. Finding the right drug treatment rehab center or service should be at the top of your agenda.

While you appreciate the benefits of finding a quality drug rehab clinic or center, navigating the minefield can feel almost impossible. Focus on the following factors and you won’t go far wrong.

Seek Professional Advice For Your Partner

Finding The Right Rehab Center For My PartnerYou can play a huge role in supporting your partner through the detoxing process, rehabilitation program, and long-term recovery strategies. While your understanding and empathy will go a long way to keeping the addict on the path to sobriety, your understanding of the complex disease is limited. Even if you are eager to conduct some research to boost your knowledge, seeking an assessment is vital.

A substance use disorder specialist can run a full and thorough analysis to determine many different features, such as:

  • The root of the addiction
  • The severity of the drug abuse or addiction
  • Any related mental health disorders

Whether you feel that your partner will benefit most from an outpatient program, an alcohol abuse residential rehab center, or therapy doesn’t matter. Gaining a professional opinion will ensure you follow the right path and provide peace of mind.

Look For Suitability To Find The Right Drug Treatment

Finding The Right Rehab Center For My PartnerNo two drug addictions are identical. Therefore, when looking at prospective drug rehabilitation centers for your loved one, it’s vital that you find one that matches their requirements. Only the best service will provide a fair shot at actually breaking free from the addiction for life. A few hours of online research should enable you to create a shortlist of potential solutions.

There are many contributing factors to consider when looking at potential suitability. Ask the following questions for guidance; 

  • Do they specialize in the type of drug (cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, etc.) that your partner is addicted to?
  • Does the drug center offer the types of therapy, inpatient, or outpatient care that have been identified as the right solution?
  • Is the location suitable to promote a successful detox, allow for regular visits, or allow your partner to maintain their job?

The answers you seek to those questions will be determined by your personal circumstances. However, you can contact the Findlay Recovery Center to learn more about the options at your disposal today.

Speak To Friends About Their Drug Treatment Rehab

The prospect of speaking to a friend about their past addiction (or a relative’s past addiction) is daunting. However, if their insight can point you toward the best drug rehabilitation service for your partner, it has to be worthwhile. Of course, your partner might not want everyone to know about their situation, which is why you will have to be tactful about your line of questioning at all times.

Use the following questions to get the insight you crave without offending the other party or, indeed, your partner;

  • How long did it take to complete the application process?
  • Did you pay for the treatment privately or was insurance used?
  • Do they work with men/women of [insert partner’s age range]?

In addition to speaking to friends and relatives about drug rehabilitation options, the internet is blessed with testimonials and directories that will allow you to see what others say. This should allow you to make a shortlist of companies to call.

Understand The Costs of Drug Rehab

It’s not something that most people want to admit, but the financial elements will influence your decision when finding a drug rehabilitation center. The reality is that a long-term rehabilitation process at a certified drug addiction rehabilitation center will cost a lot of money. Nonetheless, the value of finally helping your partner overcome their addiction is simply priceless.

Choosing the right center and service at the first attempt is far better than settling for an inferior service that fails to yield lifelong results. However, when the costs seem daunting, you can look at the following ideas to reduce the burden;

  • Find a center that offers fully personalized services, because this will stop you from paying for features that aren’t needed,
  • Use a rehabilitation and recovery center that accepts insurance coverage or support gained from Labor Unions,
  • Find a center that has flexible repayment plans without large interest rates and admin fees to spread the costs.

Helping your loved one get clean will improve both of your lives in a plethora of ways, but you do not want it to destroy your financial health. When you find the right rehab facility at the right price, it will also free your mind to focus fully on the task at hand.

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