How Do Teens Have Easy Access To Drugs In The USA?

It comes as no surprise that American teens experiment with drugs at some point in their lives. While some of them only try drugs once, others go on to become addicted. Drug addiction in adolescents can have far-reaching health implications because they are still growing and their brains and bodies aren’t fully developed yet.

As efforts increase to educate teens about the dangers of drug abuse, we should also ask ourselves how they get their hands on these drugs in the first place. Where do these drugs come from?

Where Do Teens Get Drugs From?

How Do Teens Have Easy Access To Drugs In The USA?
  • From their parents or other adults. It may come as a surprise to many that teenagers can easily access some drugs, especially opioids right at home. As more doctors and pharmaceutical companies continue pushing opioids to adults, these drugs are finding their way into more homes than ever. This creates a problem as teens can simply pinch some of the pills, believing them to be less harmful than illegal ones because they come with a prescription. Of course, this isn’t true and many teens have become unwittingly addicted to opioids this way.
  • From school. Teenagers also have access to drugs from their peers and friends at school. When parents think of drug dealers, they may think of those guys hanging out in corners waiting to push drugs. However, many teens report having gotten drugs from teen dealers at school with some even having friends who sell drugs.
  • From parties. Teen parties can get wild and out of control. It’s no surprise that these parties are the perfect place for teens to get drugs. Sometimes this happens right under their parent’s noses. With teens being at a stage in life where they desperately want to fit in, many of them may take drugs because their friends are doing the same.
  • Through social media. A lot goes on in social media platforms that parents may be unaware of. With so many celebrities glorifying drug use, teens come to think that it’s normal. Additionally, the anonymity afforded by social media means that teens can contact dealers and purchase drugs that were traditionally harder to come by.

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As a parent of a teen, it’s important to have an ongoing conversation about the dangers of drug use. It’s also crucial to know what goes on in your teen’s life.

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