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Has Anyone Been Successful After Drug Abuse Recovery

When reading through most material on addiction, you often come across stories of people whose lives have been ruined. People who have lost their jobs, families, and relationships because of their drug addiction. This can blind you to the success stories that are out there.

The fact is there are plenty of people who have been successful after drug abuse recovery. These people accepted that they had a problem with drugs, checked themselves into drug addiction rehab, and committed themselves to the addiction treatment process.

You can find some of these people working as counselors at various rehab facilities in the country. Many others are involved in support groups and in other different ways raising awareness in the community or helping those who want to be free of addiction.

What it takes to be Successful After Drug Abuse Recovery

We can’t talk about recovery success without mentioning relapse. Relapse is recognized as part of the recovery process and many recovering drug addicts have relapsed at some point. This is why it is crucial to have relapse prevention education programs as part of addiction treatment.

But just what is needed for one to be successful after undergoing drug addiction treatment? You will need to:

  • Commit yourself to changing your life. Drugs can have a deep hold on you and this hold is difficult to break. There will be triggers and temptations to go back to using and this is where commitment comes in. Once you check into rehab, you need to be committed to the treatment process but this is only half the battle. The next is being committed to staying clean and sober one day at a time.
  • Have a supportive home environment. Having your loved ones on your side helps if you’re going to live a clean and sober life. Knowing that they are there for you can resolve your commitment and motivate you to stay on the road to recovery.
  • Join a support group. Being part of a support group means that you’ll surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through. Drug addiction recovery support groups not only allow you to get advice from those with more recovery experience but also give you a chance to make friends and learn to interact with people without the influence of drugs.
  • Make changes in your lifestyle. To be successful after recovery, you’ll have to make changes to your lifestyle. This could mean cutting off some friends and even loved ones or changing where you work or hang out.

We Are Here to Help

At the Findlay Recovery Center in Ohio, we are committed to providing affordable addiction treatment to all who need it. We offer tailor-made alcohol addiction treatment and drug addiction treatment programs on both a residential and outpatient basis. Contact us today for more information about our addiction treatment programs. We’re always happy to help.

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