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Get Professional Help With Detox From The Union Connected Drug Counseling

If you find yourself to be in the fortunate position of being a union member, then you can receive plenty of help for addiction treatment. Unlike someone who is an at-will employee, you’re not able to be terminated at any time without cause. The union is in place to protect your job and under most circumstances, especially the more seniority you have under your belt. So if you’re suffering from an addiction, it’s something that you don’t need to worry about when it comes to losing your job.

Part of the benefits that being a union member provides is that you end up receiving better health benefits than most non-union workers. Many health insurance plans can cover most addiction treatments these days to some extent and so as a union member, you can almost guarantee that your drug counseling will be covered to some extent too.

The immunity you get as well as the health benefits that the union provides will make it possible for you to receive drug counseling help. It’s important that if you need it, you are consulting with your union in question, with human resources, and/or with your insurance company. This helps to find out the job protection you do have and the coverage you can get towards the treatment itself.

How To Get Drug Detox As A Union Member

Reasons why inpatient treatment with Detox is the best option

Outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are becoming more popular because addiction doesn’t care who you are or what you do. The target market of outpatient addiction programs is those who are working adults and therefore don’t have the ability to attend inpatient treatments. That’s why these outpatient programs are much more effective as an alternative to what’s available in an inpatient facility.

There’s research though that 90 or more days of inpatient treatment procedures can lead to higher success rates. There are many psychological reasons for this proven theory also.

How To Get Drug Detox As A Union Member

More time away from relapse triggers

There’s a lot of association that comes with addiction and classical conditioning techniques can help stop this. These associations can often cause relapses and therefore it’s important to be away from these triggers for as long as possible. For example, if you did drugs on your bathroom sink every time you took them, then you’re going to associate that sink with drug use. Even after being sober or clean for so long, you have that association tempting you. Being in an inpatient rehab can help to wipe away most of those relapse triggers, especially during the early stages of your recovery.

A structured environment is provided for drug counseling

With an inpatient rehab treatment center, you’re in an environment that has been made to help you. It adheres to a daily schedule and you’re constantly being given recovery-related therapeutic materials that are helping you take back control of your addiction. The chances of you getting alcohol or drugs whilst in this facility are slim to none. If you’re attending an outpatient rehab, chances are you can just go home and potentially relapse a lot easier. It means those relapses could make those outpatient rehab trips a waste of time. Being in a structured environment, however, makes it more difficult to just give up and relapse.

Combines physiological and psychological treatments

Addiction is a two-parter, with both physiological and psychological effects on the body. It means that both medical and psychological treatments are required for you to have the most effective treatment possible. Once you’ve stopped using, the most common symptom is the withdrawal you have from the drug. It can be excruciating for many and some, even fatal. With inpatient rehab, they’ll first get you safely and comfortably through the withdrawal before they get you onto the psychological stage of the treatment. With outpatient rehab, you need to make arrangements to detox yourself and that can end up being very costly to do and complicated.

Very little to no distraction to your recovery

With inpatient rehab centers, there’s a policy that most will have in place that you cannot speak to friends or family or anyone for that matter for a period of time. The reason for this is that it can help you from getting distracted as there can be many issues outside that can drive your addiction in the wrong direction. Whether that’s family drama or work challenges. If you’re struggling with any form of addiction, then you must get help as soon as possible. Look for the right treatment centers and seek inpatient help immediately where you can.

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