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How to Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Cleveland, OH

By choosing dual diagnosis treatment centers in Cleveland, OH, you are choosing to make yourself and your mental health a priority. Through dual diagnosis treatment, clients can work through comprehensive addiction treatment that also addresses the additional mental health concerns that individuals who struggle with addiction often experience.

At Findlay Recovery Center, we work with individuals to detox from substances and address their demons head-on with comprehensive therapy that is supportive, educational, and nurturing. We believe that every individual should work through a program that is best designed to their needs and is most supportive to them.

Contact us today to see how our tailored programming can help guide you on your journey of recovery. 

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a type of addiction treatment dedicated to supporting individuals who have co-occurring mental health disorders. Individuals can get supportive addiction treatment through this process while also working with therapists and counselors to address their anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, trauma, and other mental health concerns.

Research has proven that individuals who get treatment for both their addiction and any other mental health concerns can more successfully learn to manage both. Because of the effect that addiction can have on the brain and body, completed research has proven that by treating both concurrently, individuals are better able to manage the symptoms of both while building a firm foundation in positive mental health strategies. 

Dual diagnosis treatment combines the necessary cognitive behavioral therapy, usually associated with addiction treatment, and structured treatment specific to the client’s mental health needs. For example, individuals with PTSD and a substance use disorder might access addiction treatment that also offers Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). By doing this, they can receive specialized treatment for PTSD while also learning to manage their addiction.

What Disorders Are Commonly Co-Occurring?

There are many disorders that can co-occur with addiction. This has caused an influx of dual-diagnosis rehab centers that help individuals manage all of their mental health needs. Most commonly, addiction centers work with individuals experiencing anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, PTSD, and trauma.

How Does Dual Diagnosis Occur?

The substance an individual uses has a direct impact on their mental health. Individuals who use alcohol, a depressant, may experience more intense feelings of depression or even anger as a result of excessive use. Individuals may begin to experience these feelings through the addiction process until they are common, even when an individual isn’t drinking. This can likewise happen for individuals who use stimulants like meth, cocaine, or prescription stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin. Stimulants are linked to heightened anxiety and extreme fluctuations in mood, which can become standard and are linked to anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. 

Disorders can also be the initiating factor when it comes to addiction. Individuals who struggle with an undiagnosed mental health disorder may self-medicate to mitigate the symptoms. This can sometimes help, but it can also create extremes, and individuals can develop a mental dependence on the substance in addition to the physical dependence the body creates. For example, individuals who use alcohol to lower inhibitions in social settings that cause anxiety can become convinced they need to drink prior to social situations which causes them stress, increasing the likelihood of developing an addiction to alcohol. 

Lastly, individuals who experiment with substances may find that the substance they are using exacerbates the symptoms of an undiagnosed mental health disorder. In the example of individuals who experiment with downers, but are also struggling with depression, they may experience more severe depression, which can be more dangerous for the individual and increase their risk. 

How to Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Cleveland, OH

Dual Diagnosis treatment centers in Cleveland, OH, are available and affordable. Dual-diagnosis rehabs in Ohio are designed to support an individual through the most effective treatments to meet all their mental health needs.

At Findlay Recovery Center, we offer expert care and professional treatment through our Detoxification and Residential Treatment programs. We believe that by offering affordable addiction treatment, we can support individuals through every step of the process. 

But our support doesn’t stop there. By providing tailor-made treatments, we believe that we can support men, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and others through their journey toward a sober lifestyle.
Contact us today to see how our same-day treatment can help you take the first step on your journey of recovery.

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