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Driving After DUI’s & Rehab Treatment

DUIs are among the most common felonies in America, with roughly 1.5 million cases every single year. That means that one in around every 120 drivers will be convicted of driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. Nonetheless, the fact you’re not alone offers very little solace after losing your license due to a DUI. Getting your license back will be at the top of your agenda, and you’ll be eager to do whatever it takes to speed up the process.

Can drug rehab treatments with dedicated experts like Findlay Recovery Center help speed up the process? Here’s everything you need to know.

Understanding Drunk Driving Offenses

Despite their commonplace nature, the severity of DUIs should not be underestimated. Over 10,000 (in excess of 1 in 4 road deaths) alcohol-related road deaths are registered in the US each year while thousands of non-fatal accidents occur too. DUIs are categorized as OWIs (Operating While Intoxicated), although anyone that causes death while drunk at the wheel will face manslaughter charges too.

The exact punishments for DUIs will vary from territory to territory. In most jurisdictions, you can expect to face:

  • A hefty fine
  • Potential short-term jail sentences
  • A temporary suspension of your license

First-time offenders may receive some lenience. Nonetheless, when the DUI is caused by an underlying problem with drugs and alcohol, the prospect of attending an alcohol rehabilitation center will appeal, especially if it can reduce the severity of the repercussions.

Can Rehab Help You Start Driving After A DUI?

Volunteering for a stint in a drug recovery center unit won’t suddenly mean that your DUI is forgotten. However, there are several ways that it can support your desire to regain your driver’s license and get back to driving after a DUI. Sober. The three main potential benefits from the reaction to your DUI are;

  • The penalties are reduced with jail time being traded for a spell in rehab while fines can be reduced.
  • Leniency in the courts because judges can see that you have actively volunteered to learn from the mistake and get cleaner.
  • Secure a probationary license following the completion of your rehabilitation treatment to get back on the road.

You cannot undo the past, but law enforcers do believe in giving people a second chance in life, especially when they are proactive in learning from their past errors. Responding to DUIs in a positive manner is a clear example of that and, while it doesn’t suddenly remove penalties from your license, it will allow you to get on with your life. Whether you need to drive for work or not, this can only be a worthwhile investment.

It’s Not Just About Driving

While the impacts on your driving status are the first thing on your mind at this time, it should be noted that drug rehabilitation isn’t only for the benefit of responding to your DUI. Spending 30 days, or however long it takes to get clean, in rehab will transform your world in many ways. Some of the most noticeable benefits include:

  • Free yourself from the dependence and negative mental impacts
  • Protect your physical wellbeing from dangerous situations and ongoing health complaints
  • Improve relationships and your general quality of life

A DUI is the wake-up call you needed to take responsibility for your drug addiction. If you’re eager to embrace the benefits of rehab today, contact Findlay Recovery Center for more info.

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