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Does Needing Drug Detox Make You Mentally Weak?

Battling addiction is often isolating and lonely. No one seems to understand what you’re going through but most are ready to judge. Having an addiction still carries stigma in society with most people believing that those dealing with substance abuse have a moral failing or weak character.

This, of course, isn’t true as research shows that addiction is a disease.

The drugs you take change how your brain works, stimulating the release of dopamine which makes you feel good. This characteristic high drives you to seek out pleasurable feelings over and over. Soon, your brain develops a tolerance for the drug and you find yourself needing more of it to achieve the same high. Over time, you become dependent on that drug, and going without it can trigger unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. This makes it that much harder to simply quit using.

Drug Detox Requires Strength

The best strategy for breaking free of the hold drugs have on you is to get professional help. Checking in to rehab and enrolling in a drug addiction treatment program run by experienced and qualified personnel can help you turn your life around.

When you get to rehab, the first step is often detox. During drug detox, your body gets rid of the destructive and harmful substances left by the drug. Since you’re not taking drugs anymore, your body is likely to go through withdrawal, resulting in several symptoms. These often range in intensity from mild to debilitating depending on the drug used and how long you took it. Detoxing in a treatment facility is advisable since there will be medical personnel on hand to ensure that you safely go through the process. Medication may be prescribed to help ease your withdrawal symptoms and to avoid adverse complications.

This entire process requires a level of inner strength you never thought you had. Going through detox shows how mentally strong you are. It takes strength to stick to the process when you’re feeling awful and you’re at your lowest. When you don’t know how your body will react during detox and you may be tempted to go back to using just to end the discomfort.

Getting through drug detox and going on to drug addiction treatment is a sign of mental strength, not weakness, and is something to be celebrated. So too is sticking with the treatment program to the end.

We Can Help You Detox

Having to detox from drugs doesn’t mean that you’re mentally weak. On the contrary, it shows how strong you are. It shows that with the right help, you’re willing to take the necessary steps to beat addiction.

At the Findlay Recovery Center in Ohio, we’re ready to provide the help you need to recover from addiction. We offer detoxification services as well as affordable residential inpatient drug or alcohol recovery programs designed to meet individual needs. Get in touch with us today and get started on your recovery journey.

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