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Addiction is a complex disease that affects an individual physically, mentally, and psychologically. If you’re battling addiction, it can get frustrating. Thanks to the negative stereotypes about addicts out there, it can feel that no one understands what you’re going through. There is also the shame that’s attached to addiction. You feel ashamed that you allowed this to happen to you and also feel ashamed to ask for help to overcome your addiction. Left unchecked, these feelings can cause you to even drink more alcohol or use more drugs in an attempt to escape them.

Fortunately, help is available for anyone struggling with addiction in Dayton Ohio. At the Findlay Recovery Center, we focus on providing affordable and effective addiction treatment to improve the lives of people affected by addiction. All the different treatment programs are tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs for optimum recovery.

Choosing to attend rehab at our treatment facility means that you’ll be receiving excellent care from experienced professionals. Additionally, pursuing addiction treatment locally means that you won’t have to neglect any responsibilities you have e.g. work or children. You’ll be able to go about your day and incorporate addiction treatment into your life. You’ll also get to save on the amount you would have spent on travel, had you decided to seek treatment out of state. Another advantage of staying local for treatment is that it makes it easier for us to design an aftercare program for you.

Addiction Treatment Services Available for Dayton, Ohio Residents

Our drug rehab and detox center in Ohio provides a range of addiction treatment services that Dayton residents can take advantage of. These include:


This simply means helping those struggling with addiction to rid their bodies of the harmful substances left behind by drugs or alcohol. Even though you’ve stopped drinking or using, your body still requires time to flush out all the harmful toxins. How long this takes depends on the individual, the duration of addiction as well as the type of substance they were taking. At Findlay Recovery, we offer medically-assisted detox. This means that a doctor will be available throughout your detox period, monitoring your withdrawal symptoms. While detox and going through withdrawal aren’t comfortable, knowing that a doctor is available should ease your mind a little.

Residential inpatient programs.

We also provide alcohol addiction treatment and drug addiction treatment on a residential basis. This means that clients going through these programs get to stay at the facility. Residential inpatient rehab is ideal for those with severe addiction, those with a high relapse rate as well as those who require around-the-clock supervision. As part of the treatment, clients have to take part in traditional talk therapy –both individual therapy where they have one-on-one sessions with a therapist, and group therapy- where the therapist facilitates sessions where those with the same addiction meet, share their experiences, and learn from each other.

Aftercare and alumni

We additionally provide aftercare and alumni services for our clients. These are aimed at helping them reintegrate back into society once they’ve been discharged from our rehab. We don’t just abandon clients to their fate. We follow up to make sure that they are still keeping up with their recovery goals even as they rebuild their lives.

What happens in Aftercare?

The addiction aftercare services we provide cover the following:

Health-related services.

The main concern we have in aftercare is ensuring our clients don’t relapse. To help prevent this, we educate them on substance abuse, its dangers, and how they can identify and avoid triggers and temptations. Now that clients will be slowly taking up their societal roles, they need to be equipped with coping skills to help them remain sober. This includes teaching them to manage their emotions and their response to situations. For instance, how to manage their anger and how to celebrate good news without drugs or alcohol.

Career counseling and support.

Part of returning to their normal lives involves finding a way to earn an income. By the time an individual seeks out treatment for their addiction, they are often in dire straits. In many cases, they have even left or been fired from work because of their addiction. Helping them regain their confidence, work on their resumes, and support them as they look for jobs is part of our aftercare program.

Community building.

Our aftercare and alumni program also focuses on helping clients build new relationships outside the rehab facility. Loneliness and social isolation can drive those with addictions to keep taking alcohol and drugs as a way to escape these feelings. To counter this, we help clients by connecting them with sober living communities or support groups once they leave our treatment center. This way, they can socialize and bond with others who went through the same experience. Not only will they learn from those further along in treatment but also have a sense of belonging.

Helping clients find a home.

Sometimes those who pass through our treatment center have no place to call home. When addicts are in the grips of addiction, nothing matters more than getting the next fix. As a result, some of them are abandoned by their families while others lose their jobs and without income, find themselves homeless. Part of our aftercare program involves introducing them to sober living communities or halfway houses where they can stay as they rebuild their lives.

Giving clients a sense of hope.

Addiction robs its victims of their sense of self. They become so focused on feeding their addiction that they lose track of their lives. As they go through treatment, they slowly reconnect with themselves and remember who they are. In the aftercare program, we aim to continue with this revelation. Showing those in recovery that there is life beyond addiction and linking them with others on the same journey gives them a sense of hope and motivates them to keep going.

If you are a resident of Dayton Ohio looking for addiction treatment services, contact the Findlay Recovery Center today.

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