When it comes to an addiction, it’s important to find the right help and when it comes to California residents, an Ohio detox and addiction treatment center like The Findlay Center is the right place to start. With individualized treatment plans for every client, we’re here to help you maintain your sobriety with any drug or alcohol addiction that you may face. The Findlay center cares about anyone who is suffering from or struggling with an addiction, whether it’s been a long-term battle or a fairly new one.

The Findlay Detox & Addiction Treatment Center

Everyone has the ability to recover from an addiction. It’s just that some may need a little more help than others but also access to the right tools and support. With The Findlay Center, we are more than just your typical rehab. We offer a welcoming environment that embraces everyone and anyone from all walks of life and backgrounds. If you’re willing to get help for your addiction, then we’re only too happy to oblige. With a supportive and non-judgmental environment, you’ll find everything you need to help with your addiction.

How We Can Help California Residents With Detox And Addiction Treatment

With short and long-term medical detox options available, each one is decided and based on a case by case format. Depending on what our medical professionals think will be best for the patient, you can rest assured, you’re getting what will be most appropriate for you or your loved one’s needs.

By being overseen by a medical professional, you will get everything you need to help with the withdrawal process that can come with any addiction. Safely and comfortably, the detox center is the best place to start your journey on the road to recovery. We understand that every substance abuse is different and therefore can offer a variety of medical and psychological treatments to get you back to your healthier and drug-free self.

For some, certain drugs can complicate the process if you’re taking them together and so the withdrawal process must happen first. That way, you’ll be ready to tackle to psychological aspects of the addiction properly. We also understand that every person is different and what one person can handle, another may need longer to help battle the addiction.

What To Expect When Detoxing And Fighting An Addiction

For any California residents seeking a detox and addiction treatment in Ohio, it’s important to know what to expect. Detox is the beginning and having a good program can help you to successfully overcome the addiction itself and hopefully reducing the chances of you relapsing ever again. At The Findlay Center, our team of expert nurses and psychiatrists, and doctors are committed to helping you through the entire process from start to finish and beyond.

A typical detox and addiction timeline can vary. However, as soon as you join the center, the withdrawal stage begins. Between twelve and twenty-four hours later, the symptoms of your withdrawal tend to peak, and as the withdrawal dies down, the next stage of battling the addiction begins. Using several therapy techniques, we’ll help find the coping mechanisms you need and the new habits that will stop you from going backward and relapsing.

Let Us Help You Help Yourself

It’s very important that when it comes to any type of addiction, you’re getting the best support possible. As much as those addicted to a substance can feel in control, they’re far from it. To stop yourself from causing any more hurt or damage to you or others around you, it’s important to take that first step in getting help. The Findlay Center in Ohio offers a fully trained staff that will be by your side 24/7 as you go through your detox and onto your recovery and transition back to everyday life.

Detox is not an easy thing to do, even with help there to keep you safe and comfortable. It’s a hard part of the treatment, but one that you have the willpower to overcome if you fight for it. The Findlay Center is here to offer you that support with any addiction that you have, no matter how long you’ve had it. Anyone who needs detox and helps for their addiction can trust this treatment center to help. So why not drop us a call today to let us help you get better. Addiction can change your life but it’s one that you can change back if you allow it.

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