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Benefits Of Seeking Safety & Trauma-Focused Drug Detox

One of the most important parts of treating any drug addiction or dependency is to ensure that you’re choosing the right strategy based on your needs. It can take time to find which approach is the correct one for each individual. At the Findlay Recovery Center, we have a wide range of dual diagnosis treatment services, each of which we can offer to our clients depending on how we assess their individual needs. We go through thorough examinations to make sure that we complete the best course of treatment. This can be determined by your needs, preferences, as well as past treatment experiences.

One method of treatment that we might recommend, one that has been very effective for a lot of people, is to address certain behavioral models alongside the physical dependency itself. Trauma, traumatic experiences, and the mental health conditions that come along with them, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, can all play a more important role in your dependency than you might think. To that end, seeking safety & trauma-focused drug detox therapies might be the right course of action for you.

The Role of Trauma in Substance Abuse

While substance abuse can often be in large part contributed to by a grown physical dependence on certain substances, there are often personal and behavioral roots to their use. Alcohol, drugs, and other addictions can be used as a method of self-medicating against the effects of traumatic events in your past or the symptoms of PTSD. Altering one’s mood to escape this pain is not uncommon and, as such, trauma-focused treatments in fighting addiction can be very useful.

People have been found to be at a higher risk of developing substance abuse disorders if they have previously been exposed to traumatic experiences in their life. This is even more true of trauma that has been inflicted in childhood. Similarly, people who experience PTSD or other mood-related psychopathology are more likely to develop disorders like substance abuse and dependence as well.

Multiple studies have shown that traumatic life experiences, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect, happen at a high rate in the United States. Early exposure to these kinds of trauma, in particular, is a widespread risk and puts people more at risk of developing psychiatric disorders in adulthood. These people are some of those who are most at risk of also developing substance abuse disorders.

Given the close link between trauma exposure and substance abuse, it is only natural that any health professionals offering dual diagnosis treatments should consider trauma-focused treatments as an option. The Findlay Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol residential treatment center in Ohio, and such therapies are one of the options that we offer.

Seeking Safety & Trauma-Focused Therapy

With the links between trauma exposure and drug abuse being well documented, it’s important for treatment centers to understand that trauma-induced disorders such as co-occurring PTSD are just as important a part of the treatment for addiction as other methods of treating it. As such, we provide therapies that address the effects that trauma may have on them, which can include behavioral patterns that involve substance use. As such, we have a program that sees clients working with therapeutic groups that can help them process past traumatic experiences, as well as to learn the techniques that can help them manage the psychological triggers that can lead to unhealthy behaviors such as substance use.

Treating trauma can often involve teaching techniques and mindsets that help people live a little better with their trauma. This can include helping them see that trauma isn’t something defined externally, but that is the emotional experience that makes events traumatic, allowing them to see their own trauma as valid and worth attention. We can also help them learn about how trauma can be experienced and triggered in all manner of ways, such as by watching or hearing of others’ traumatic events or by seeming innocuous things in everyday life.

Most importantly, we can help clients learn that it is possible to heal from trauma and to keep moving forward and that this can be easier with the right treatments, self-help techniques, and ongoing support.

Get in touch with Findlay Recovery Center today

Whether you think seeking safety & trauma-focused drug detox therapy might be the right treatment to help you get better or you simply want to get some help in recovering from drug addiction, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Findlay Recovery Center is an alcohol and drug addiction residential treatment center in Ohio that helps many people see great outcomes with their treatment. Our highly experienced team of clinicians and thorough assessments, followed by careful treatment and therapy could be just what you need.

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