Are Benzos Addictive?

Benzodiazepines are a pharmacological mood regulator. Designed to support individuals through anxiety and insomnia, benzos quickly became popular on the illegal market. Sedatives like Valium, Halcion, Klonopin, and Xanax fall into the benzo family, and abuse of these drugs can land someone in the hospital with a number of side effects.

If you’re worried that you or your loved one may be addicted to Benzos or are misusing them, contact Findlay Recovery today. Our addiction treatment facility in Ohio is designed to support clients through various alcohol and drug addictions and help clients develop a plan for healthy living in the future.

What are Benzos?

Benzodiazepines are prescription sedatives designed to increase the GABA levels in the brain and cause a relaxed feeling. This prescription medication is often prescribed to individuals with anxiety, panic disorders, PTSD, and insomnia; this prescription medication is designed to be taken in small doses as needed or regularly for consistent effects. Individuals who use benzos regularly are monitored to ensure that the drug is working correctly, no other contraindicated substances are being used or abused, and that the organs continue to function normally while using the medication.

Benzo use commonly causes sedation and dizziness, but other serious side effects can include: 

  • Delirium
  • Paranoia
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty breathing.

These side effects indicate how dangerous taking an unregulated diazepine can be. If you believe that you need help today, reach out to Findlay Recovery. Our comprehensive Ohio rehab program is designed to support individuals just like you.

Are Benzos Addictive?

Benzos addiction does occur, which is why this prescription drug is so closely monitored. Individuals using the medication can develop a tolerance and dependence on the drug, increasing the likelihood of developing an addiction. Benzo misuse that leads to addiction occurs when individuals alter the prescription or method of use when taking the drug. This is dangerous because it puts people at an increased health risk and addiction risk. 

Tolerance and dependence on benzodiazepines occur when individuals take the drug consistently long enough for the body to develop a natural response to the stimulus. However, soon the body will require more drugs to produce the same effect. This is the primary trigger of addiction because individuals misuse their prescription when this occurs, which has health and addiction risks.

Benzo misuse occurs when individuals take the medication in a way that it is not meant to be or simply take a drug that is not prescribed to them. When these situations occur, individuals are at a higher risk of developing an addiction to the drug.

Unregulated use of benzodiazepines is especially dangerous. Benzos are a prescription because they need to be monitored and prescribed based on height, weight, and medical history. When individuals take them illegally, they are at risk of an overdose. Benzodiazepine overdose can occur when individuals have too much of the drug in their system. 

Signs of a benzodiazepine overdose include slurred speech, ataxia, and altered mental status. While these are not life-threatening, taking benzos with any other medication can create a life-threatening situation. 

When taken illegally, benzos are often mixed, knowingly or unknowingly, with opioids which can cause fatal organ depression. In approximately 16% of opioid overdose deaths, benzodiazepines are noted in the system. This potential lethal combination is rapidly becoming popular in the unregulated drug market, making illicit use even more dangerous.

How to Find Benzo Addiction Treatment

Benzo addiction treatment is available in your area. You can find local support by contacting your insurance provider and accessing their approved in-network treatment centers list, or you can contact Findlay Recovery today and get access to our comprehensive detoxification and rehabilitation program in hours instead of days or weeks.

Findlay Recovery is a high-quality addiction treatment center that provides initial detoxification services in preparation for entering our Ohio residential addiction treatment program. Individuals who enter our program can access a combination of the most supportive traditional and alternative therapies that encourage individuals to focus on the future and make mindful changes that will influence future actions. 

At Findlay Recovery, the staff works with each client to develop a treatment program that addresses their specific concerns and helps them work towards their individual sobriety goals. Need help on the recovery journey? Contact Findlay Recovery today.


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