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Trying to find the right support when you are seeking help for your addiction is not always easy, but neither is being in the position to ask for help in the first place. You must find the right approach to help you to move through the addiction and into recovery. With our Alcohol Addiction Residential Treatment Center In Ohio, you will get the private care that you need to be back on your feet again.

Residential addiction treatment is overwhelming for any recovering addict, but living under the weight of alcoholism is often far scarier. At Findlay Recovery Center, our team of expert nurses and psychiatrists and doctors work together to ensure that you have the support you need to come through detox and build those blocks of living once more. Our recovery process is comprehensive and detailed so that you are supported every step of the way.

Learn More About Our Alcohol Addiction Residential Treatment Center In Ohio

The process of detoxing through alcohol addiction is challenging, and we won’t lie to you about that. However, what makes it easier is knowing that you are not alone through each of the stages of detox. Our team will design treatment plans that are there to bring you from step one to recovery in your own time. Choosing to quit drinking is a huge deal. With the support of our Alcohol Addiction Residential Treatment Center In Ohio, you are going to experience withdrawal in a safe, secure environment.

The Alcohol Detox Timeline

Withdrawal looks different for every person who chooses to step away from relying on alcohol. Some symptoms can be mild, where others are more severe and long-lasting. The length of time that your withdrawal symptoms last will depend on how long you have been drinking and how much you drink. It also depends on whether you have used other substances at the same time as alcohol. It’s a process, so seeking the right treatment is essential. Most addicts who have made the brave decision to quit choose our Alcohol Addiction Residential Treatment Center In Ohio because of the 24/7 nature of how we work. You can get through detox because our staff are on hand day and night to make sure you are not alone, to encourage you through this and to help you to understand what comes next.

The typical alcohol detox timeline looks like this:

Stage 1: Between 6-12 Hours After Detox

The moment you join us at our Alcohol Addiction Residential Treatment Center In Ohio is the moment withdrawal begins. The symptoms can be anything from agitation and anxiety to increased heart rate, feeling feverish and sweaty and cold-like symptoms. Some of these will get worse over time, where others are over quicker. You shouldn’t need any medication to help you through this stage.

Stage 2. Peak. 12-48 Hours After Detox

Symptoms peak during this period with nausea and vomiting, cramping, chills, cravings, depression, and an increased heart rate are all standard. Anyone with a long-term alcohol addiction may notice that they need more specialist help in this stage, with medication to help them through it. They may also need the help of talking therapies at this time.

Stage 3. The Final Stage

As the withdrawal symptoms begin to die down, life will start to feel a little easier. Cravings will linger for a few days and weeks after detox, and you may still experience feelings of anxiety and depression. It’s normal at this stage, as the reality of the withdrawal becomes apparent, but our experts support this.

How We Can Help

The good news is that at our Alcohol Addiction Residential Treatment Center In Ohio, we can provide a fully trained staff that will be by your side 24/7 as you come through detox. We will also support your recovery and transition back into everyday life. Detox is not a joke, and it’s not an easy piece of the treatment puzzle, but our experts are highly trained to offer you the care and support you need tailored to your unique detoxing process. It’s after your detox that you will be able to see the future that you deserve to have just waiting for you.

The Findlay Recovery Center Experience – Find Support With Alcohol Addiction Today

We offer a comprehensive, tailor-made experience at our Alcohol Addiction Residential Treatment Center In Ohio. Your recovery is a top priority for us, and we aim to provide a home away from home experience to help you along the road to recovery. Calling us today marks your first step toward your new life today. Give us a call at (419)-495-8807 to change your life.

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