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Addiction is a disease that can affect any of us. Unfortunately, society tends to stigmatize addiction blaming the victims for their circumstances. This makes it even more difficult for those struggling with substance abuse to receive the help that they need to turn their lives around.

Fortunately, trends are slowly changing with more people recognizing that addiction is a disease. As a result, more individuals are starting to look for rehab and addiction treatment programs to help them.

If you are a resident of Akron, Ohio, seeking treatment for an addiction, the Findlay Recovery Center is only a call away. We are committed to providing a simple and affordable approach to addiction treatment in Ohio. Our range of addiction treatment programs includes detoxification, residential treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction as well as aftercare treatment.

Medically Supervised Detox

Akron Ohio Drug Rehab & Detox Center

As a rehab facility that provides detoxification services in Ohio, we often get clients asking us whether they need to detox at the facility or whether it is at home. To answer this, we explain to them that detoxing the body is a sensitive process and no two people go through the same experience. Some experience nausea, headaches, and other mild withdrawal symptoms while others face life-threatening ones such as tremors and seizures.

We recommend medically supervised detoxification for all those coming to our rehab facility. This is because we want our clients to go through the process as safely and comfortably as possible. They can relax knowing that doctors are on call should they need them.

Medically-supervised detox is recommended for those who:

Have severe addiction

a severe addiction means that your body is more dependent on the addictive substance, placing you at a greater risk of severe withdrawal symptoms.

Have a high incidence of relapse

If you have previously tried to quit using or drinking on your own, to no avail, you could benefit from detoxing under medical supervision. The doctors can recommend medicines to help control your cravings.

Have co-occurring conditions

co-occurring conditions such as depression or PTSD also need to be addressed if you are to successfully detox and proceed to other addiction treatment programs.

Are frequent drinkers

frequent drinkers have a higher dependency on the drug or alcohol of choice requiring medical supervision to successfully flush these toxins from their bodies.

Have been drinking for a long time

similar to frequent drinkers, those who have been drinking for a long can’t just go cold turkey. They’re likely to experience severe withdrawal symptoms that will require medical help to overcome.

Akron Ohio Drug Rehab & Detox Center

Akron Ohio Drug Rehab & Detox Center

Other than the detox program, we also offer other addiction treatment programs at Findlay Recovery Center. These include alcohol and drug addiction treatment at the residential level and outpatient level.

We get plenty of clients coming to check out the facility and thought we should share some of the things you should look for before settling on a particular rehab center.

Your rehab needs and goals

Once you’ve decided to seek treatment for your addiction, it’s best to get a rehab facility that matches your recovery goals and needs. At Findlay Recovery we take time to give all our clients a pre-assessment test to find out their rehab needs. We then work together to set some recovery goals then craft an individualized treatment plan that incorporates what they hope to get out of rehab. This is what you and your therapist will use as you progress through recovery. You’ll both check in from time to time to ensure that you are on track to achieving those goals.

The types of treatment therapies offered

Different treatment centers specialize in addressing different addictions. It’s important to weigh different rehabs to ensure you select one that has experience in dealing with your type of addiction. As you weigh different options, be sure to ask about the kind of therapies they employ at their facility. These could range from standard talk therapy to experiential therapy such as adventure programs. Make sure that the treatments they offer are supported by scientific evidence and that research has found them effective for the kind of addiction you’re struggling with.

The amenities at the facility

If you’re going in for a residential stint at a treatment center, it’s vital to check out the kind of amenities they have on offer. Residential treatment programs vary in terms of accommodation, ranging from basic to almost five-star facilities. The one you choose depends on your budget and preference. Additionally, determine whether you want a facility with amenities such as a gym, private room, library, etc, and cross-check their availability with the facility you’d like to attend.

The location of the rehab

When it comes to addiction treatment, you have the option of staying local or going to another state to attend rehab. Both have their pros and cons. For instance, seeking treatment locally may be ideal if you have responsibilities that you can’t take a break from such as caring for children. On the other hand, seeking addiction treatment in a different state can give you more privacy and space to concentrate on getting clean without interruptions. Ultimately, the choice comes down to you.

The cost of treatment

The cost of treatment varies from one rehab to another. How much you pay for treatment will depend on the rehab facility you choose, the type and duration of the addiction treatment program you’ll attend as well as the amenities offered at the facility. At Findlay Recovery in Ohio, one of our goals is to make addiction treatment as affordable as possible for everyone. That is why we work with major insurance carriers to ensure our clients can meet the costs of treatment.

If you or a loved one in Akron, Ohio needs addiction treatment, look no further than the Findlay Recovery Center in Findlay, Ohio. We have an experienced team of addiction treatment experts waiting to help you beat your addiction. Get in touch with us and get started on your recovery today.

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