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Addiction In The Workplace – Ohio Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol misuse is a problem that can affect any workplace. Understanding how to deal with it is important to your business and the person with the addiction’s health.  It’s not a case of just removing them from your workforce; instead, look after them, put policies in place to help, and work as a team to help them recover.

Why should employers address addiction in the workplace?

If an employee is drinking alcohol or using drugs in the workplace, it can cause distress to other employees as well as worry and disruption. Drinking and drug issues are a cause for concern and do occur in some workplaces, as surprisingly, most people with these issues are employed. It is important to have the correct protocols in place to help your employees and look after them.

How alcohol and drugs affect your ability to work in the workplace

Addiction In The Workplace

If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, it can affect how you work and cause plenty of disruption in the workplace. If the boss doesn’t support you, it can lead to a disciplinary hearing and dismissal in the worst case. As an employee taking drugs or alcohol, you can expect your performance at work to decrease dramatically. This can lead to poor decision-making, which in turn could lead to unhappy clients as well as affecting your colleagues. If not addressed, this could cause you to go on a downward spiral as your motivation will be low due to your bad performances, but the drugs and alcohol will not help, causing you to decline continuously.

 Other effects that drugs and alcohol will have in the workplace:

  • A higher level of sickness compared to other employees.
  • Your productivity will keep on decreasing.
  • How you behave around your employee can change.
  • You may cause injury to yourself or others.

What can you do as an employer to address alcohol and drug abuse in the Workplace?

As an employer, it is essential that you support your staff rather than letting them deal with their addiction independently. Addiction can be a very lonely place, and by supporting your staff members, you can make a big difference and help them get through it. Below are a couple of things you can do:

  • Implement an alcohol and drugs awareness program for your staff
  • Help your employees as soon as you feel they may be struggling because of addiction.
  • Include a drug and alcohol training session when your staff join
  • Take appropriate disciplinary actions; don’t just fire them.

Contact Us, Ohio Addiction Treatment center for help

Sometimes, with addiction in the workplace, there is only so much help you can give until you need professional intervention. If you are a business owner and feel there is an addiction problem that is out of your hands, we are here to help. If you are in the need of Ohio addiction treatment, please contact us at the Ohio addiction treatment center to find out how we can help you and your employees. There is always a way we can help you, so please do get in touch. 

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