5 Reasons You Should Detox under Expert Care at an Addiction Treatment Facility

When you decide to break free from addiction, you have to give your body enough time to rid itself of the harmful chemicals and toxins left by the alcohol or substances you were taking. This is referred to as detoxification.

The detox process can be challenging and even potentially dangerous. Attempting to go it alone without proper professional supervision can lead to severe health complications as well as an increased risk of relapse. That’s why we at the Findlay Recovery Center highly recommend detoxing under expert care at an addiction treatment facility.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose to detox under expert care at a rehab treatment facility:

For medical monitoring and safety

Detox is rarely a simple process and it often results in a range of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. These vary in severity depending on the substance abused and the length of the addiction. Some withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, severe dehydration, and hallucinations can be severe enough to be life-threatening.

Choosing to detox at an addiction treatment facility means that you’ll have access to round-the-clock medical monitoring and care. Medical professionals will be on hand to help you manage and navigate your withdrawal symptoms ensuring you’re safe and comfortable throughout.

For medication-assisted treatment

Detoxing from certain substances may require the use of prescription medication and this is referred to as medication-assisted treatment (MAT). These medications are administered and monitored by healthcare professionals at a drug detox center.  

MAT can be highly effective in helping to ease your withdrawal symptoms and reduce your cravings, making the detox process more comfortable while reducing the chances of relapse.

To receive emotional support

Detox can take an emotional toll on you, leaving you grappling with fear, anxiety, shame, and depression. Detoxing at an addiction treatment facility means there will be therapists and counselors available to provide emotional support and guidance. Some treatment facilities also provide individual and group counseling sessions as part of the detox program.

To learn to live in a structured environment

Addiction thrives in chaos and unpredictability and trying to detox in such an environment can increase the risk of relapse. Rehab facilities provide a structured environment with a daily routine that you must adhere to. This may include attending therapy sessions, taking meals at scheduled times, and exercising. This sense of structure helps minimize distractions and allows you to regain a sense of discipline and routine that will be invaluable in your recovery.

For an easier transition to ongoing treatment

Detox is just the first step on your recovery journey. It serves to help clear your mind and body so you can be ready for a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Detoxing at an addiction treatment center can provide a seamless transition into a residential or outpatient treatment program where you can continue receiving the treatment you need to maintain sobriety and rebuild your life. Get in touch with us for more information about our detox or addiction treatment programs. We’ll be glad to help you get started on your recovery journey.

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