What Does HealthSCOPE Insurance Cover?

HealthSCOPE insurance is coverage for self-funded employers and covers options for detoxification and rehabilitation. Individuals using this insurance should contact their provider or the treatment center of their choice to see what is specifically covered on their policy.

At Findlay Recovery Center, we accept HelathSCOPE insurance and verify benefits with clients before entering our new fully comprehensive detoxification and rehabilitation center.

To see what your HealthSCOPE insurance covers, contact us today.

What are the Signs Someone is Abusing Drugs?

Individuals who are abusing drugs can be in many different stages of addiction. While their drug use may be problematic and using an unsafe substance or amount, not all abuse is addiction. 

When an individual abuses drugs, it means they are misusing a substance. Misuse can occur out of ignorance or on purpose. Those who use illegal drugs are consistently misusing a substance, while prescription drugs may look different.

Signs of abuse when someone is misusing illegal drugs include changes in behavior, appearance, social interactions, primary relationships, and work-related responsibilities. You may also notice that individuals who abuse illicit drugs have several physical symptoms that impact their ability to interact or respond in situations.

However, individuals who misuse prescription drugs may present differently. For example, those individuals may take the medication incorrectly by taking more than they should or too frequently. They may also use the drug with other substances, which can create a different high and be more dangerous and increase the likelihood of developing an addiction to the substance. 

How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab?

When an individual abuses drugs, it can sometimes be challenging to convince them to rehab. When a person cannot see the scope of the problem they are struggling with, it can be a challenge. To convince someone to go to rehab, you should follow several steps.

  1. Be prepared with a plan. Before confronting someone about their substance abuse, make sure that you have a plan for getting help, either through a counselor or a detox and rehabilitation program that is set up and covered by their insurance.
  2. Use “I” statements. When confronting someone about substance abuse, they can often be confrontational and aggressive. When using “I” statements, you share how you feel and how their actions have impacted you. “You” statements can be seen as accusatory and derail a conversation.
  3. Know and set your boundaries. After recommending rehabilitation to your loved one, set your limit. Do not let them cross this boundary. Your boundaries can range from no more financial support to no more contact or any other boundary you feel your loved one has crossed.

Getting help has to be your loved one’s choice, but you can set them up for success by following those options.

What Does HealthSCOPE Insurance Cover?

Following government legislation, HealthSCOPE Insurances covers some forms of detoxification, rehabilitation, and addiction treatment. As a result, HealthSCOPE rehab coverage will change based on your benefits package. The quickest way to find out how to see if your HealthSCOPE benefits insurance covers rehabilitation or a specific rehab is to call the number on the back of your insurance card and speak with a representative. They can give you detailed specifics of your coverage. 

Generally, HealthSCOPE insurance covers or partially covers drug and alcohol detoxification, alcohol rehab, heroin rehab, cocaine rehab, and prescription medication rehab. In addition, other drug rehabs may be included based on your HealthSCOPE benefits insurance. 

Another way to see if your HealthSCOPE rehab coverage is available at the detoxification center or rehabilitation facility you are looking into is by calling the location. Most detox and rehab locations will verify your insurance before entering the program. By doing this, you can get a realistic view of what is covered and any additional costs you may incur. 

How to Find In-Network HealthSCOPE Rehab Centers

To find an in-network HealthSCOPE rehab center, you can use your insurance carrier’s resources or representatives or contact the rehab of your choice to see if they accept HealthSCOPE rehab insurance.

Findlay Recovery Center is a fully comprehensive detoxification and addiction treatment center that accepts HealthSCOPE benefits insurance and can verify your exact benefits before arrival. 

At Findlay Recovery, we provide state-of-the-art addiction treatment designed to support individuals through several substance abuse problems, including dual diagnosis mental health disorders commonly linked with addiction. Contact Findlay Recovery to have a representative verify your coverage today

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